*** Only buy this product if you already own a SRS Shakekit ***


If you already purchased the Shakekit - that provides you shaking on 4 individual channels (LF, RF, LR, RR) - and wants to add more shakers to your system, this product will allow you to extend the Shakekit with 2 more channels (SUB and CENTER).


You will be able to connect up to 2x 50w 4 ohms transducers to the 2ch extension kit (transducers not included with extension kit)


Why should you consider that?


Simple...Two of the best effects in your Shakekit are Engine and Multi-dimensional Suspension effects.

In the existing Shakekit, both of them are combined in the existing 4 channels


Separating engine from the 4 channel to the 2 channel extension, you can achieve more pure shaking and hence, better immersion.


Even better, the new extension box will be compatible with your existing shakekit (minor modification required on your end)


What's included?

  • 2 channel extension box
  • Power Supply
  • Cables to Connect to your Shakekit box


2 Channel Extension for Shakekit

$119.00 Regular Price
$109.00Sale Price
Power Supply

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