SRS is proudly offering a more powerful kit that uses blowers instead of fans


What do you get?


  1. SRS license for power wind simulator (with continuous enhancements and upgrades)
  2. SRS Intellibox (PCB in a 3D case)
  3. 2x PCB to connect Blowers
  4. 1x Mini USB cable (5 pins) to connect Intellibox to PC
  5. 2x network cables to connect Intellibox to Blower PCBs

*** Blowers not included ***


What do you need to acquire (not supplied by SRS)?

  • 2x 12V Blowers (7.5 amp or lower).
  • 2x 12V x 8 Amps power supply (lower if you use less amp blowers) or 1x 15Amp power supp
  • Mounting system / cases / tubes / power cables / etc...



DIY Blower kit


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