Already own a SRS intellibox and want to upgrade fans to blowers?


SRS is proudly offering a DIY kit so you can build your own "Double-the-blower" kit


You can either just upgrade fans for blowers or use blowers in TURBO MODE. Keep the fans and add blowers to your setup. Fans will start at lower speeds and blowers will kick off at medium / high speeds to complement the fans.


What do you get?

  • 2x Blowers PCB that can support up to12V. Max 7.5 Amps

*** Blowers not included ***


What do you need to acquire to complete the upgrade?

  • 2x 12V Blowers ( less than 7.5 amp)
  • 2x 12V x 8 Amps power supply (lower if you use fewer amp blowers)
  • Mounting system / cases / tubes / etc...



Double-the-Blower Upgrade Kit

2x Tube (100mm x 1.2m long) + Tip + GoPro
Turbo Mode Hardware
PCB Casing

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