Do you like our Power wind software and kits but prefer a DIY solution?


SRS is proudly offering a DIY kit so you can build your own "Dual-the-fan" kit


What do you get?


  • SRS license for power wind simulator (with continuous enhancements and upgrades)
  • SRS Intellibox PCB
  • SRS pre-programmed Arduino with SRS Firmware (required to receive and send telemetry to fans)
  • 4x SRS Fan PCB (Fans not included)


  • We strongly recommend to use
    • Bgears b-blaster 120x120x38mm, 4500 RPM, 213 CFM, 1.5 amp, 120x120x38 mm
    • or a desktop fan 12V. Max 1.5 Amps. 3 Pins.
  • Notes:
    1. Guarantee voided if any fan with more power than above is used.
      Do it at your own risk.


What do you need to acquire locally and build your own kit?

  • 1x Mini USB cable (5 pins) to connect Intellibox to PC
  • 4x Cat5/6 network cables to connect Intellibox to Fan PCBs
  • 4x Fans (3 wires, 12v, less than 1.5 amp).
  • 4x 12V x 2 Amps power supply (lower if you use less amp fans)
  • Mounting system / cases



DIY fantastic-4 kit (Barebone)

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