Combine SRS Double-the-fan tube edition kit with DOF Reality P3 motion platform and save.

Save even more if you add SRS Shakekit to your combo.


P3 is a professional Motion simulator platform delivering three-dimensional movements (Pitch + Roll + Yaw/Rear traction).

The P3 motion simulator model is designed to move not only the seat, but all simulator controls (steering wheel, joystick, pedals, throttles, etc.) mounted to the motion platform. 

It is very quiet especially compared to actuator-based platforms. You will only hear the cooling fans at 20 dBA


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The SRS Double-the-fan TUBE EDITION is a wind simulator kit to enhance your gaming experience. You can feel how quick your car is going so you can better plan your braking and turning points.


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The SRS ShakeKit will make you feel each curb, road imperfection, engine vibration, transmission/gear changes, impact, acceleration, deceleration and more... Extra Padding Included


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DOF Reality P3 with Dampers + SRS Shakekit Combo

Power Supply

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