What is the SRS ShakeBox Elite?

An integrated controller box for all your shaking / vibration needs. It also includes a free license of our SRS App.


It supports up to 6 individual channels (FL, FR, RL, RR, Sub and Center).


It has a built-in sound card, powerful amplifiers and power supply.


It can connect to any of our ShakePads (ShakeSeat, ShakePedals and ShakeBack)


Note, Shakers into the ShakePedal/Back are powerfull enough to give you an amazing motion sensation when directly connected to your body (heels or back). They are not strong enough to shake the rig. If you want to connect your own shakers to the rig, you can purchase SRS cables to connect any shaker to your shakebox Elite.


You will feel each curb, road imperfection, engine vibration, transmission/gear changes, impact, acceleration, deceleration and more...


There is nothing to assemble. Simply connect the ShakeBox Elite to your PC via supplied USB cable. Connect the Shaking accessories of your choice and run the SRS App


Click here for instructions on how to setup ShakeBox Elite on your PC.


This product includes a license for the SRS App. 



ShakeBox Elite (includes SRS License for Bass Shaker)

$349.00 Regular Price
$329.00Sale Price
Power Supply
110V or 220V?

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