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Wind Tuning Guide

This guide will cover the basic functions of the Wind Tuning page in Sim Racing Studio. Topics include:

Intro to Wind Tuning
Wind Tuning Page Features
Wind Tuning Primary Functions

Wind Curving



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Introduction to Wind Tuning

The Sim Racing Studio Wind Kits provide the sensation of driving a real car for flying a plane. You can feel how quick you are going so you can better plan your braking and turning points. You can feel the wind in the canopy as you fly. The effect works well even in a closed race car as it provides the rush of air that would be cooling you through vents or an open window. It's an incredibly immersive experience in open cockpits, closed cockpits, and even keeps you cool if you utilize VR.

Wind Tuning Page Features

To state wind tuning, launch Sim Racing Studio 2.0, select TUNING at the top and then Wind in the left column.


Helmet Icon: When a game has been launched or a tuning has been selected in the Profile Manager, the Helmet icon will be select-able if a SRS Pro Tuning is available. This will allow you to quickly load Pro Tunings from different SRS tuners if you have a Premium Subscription. Keyboard Icon: A keyboard shortcut can be set here to turn on or off Wind effects. This is similar to utilizing the slider button for Wind under Intellibox in the right-side column menu. Gear Icon: A shortcut link that will take you directly to the SETUP page in Sim Racing Studio. Shopping Cart Icon: A shortcut link that will take you directly to the Sim Racing Studio webstore.



Wind Tuning Primary Functions


· POWER RANGE: This slider will set the minimum power and maximum power set to the fans in the wind kit. To adjust the minimum power, slide the left slider to the right. This will provide the appropriate percentage of power to the fans at minimum speed. For example, if you want to have the fans on at a higher setting when at a low speed in the game, adjust the slider to the right.

To adjust the maximum power, slide the right slider to the left. This will lower the maximum percentage of power to the fans at their maximum speed. You can use this adjustment if you feel the fans are too powerful when you are at or near the maximum speed in the game.

Important Note: When utilizing the Wind slider button in the right column under HARDWARE STATUS, it will turn ON the fans in the wind kit to the maximum value of this setting and leave them on until the button is turned back to OFF or AUTO. If you use this Wind slider button in HARDWARE STATUS for games that do not have speed telemetry to generate the wind effect, do not lower the Power Range maximum setting below 40%. Lowering it beyond this value could cause damage to your fan kit hardware.

· ACTUAL POWER: The Keyboard Icons can be utilized to set a keyboard key press or a joystick button press to raise or lower the Power Range of the fans for your wind kit. To bind a key press or joystick button to quickly lower the overall fan power while in a game, click the keyboard icon next to the “-” or “+” symbol. When the window pops up, simply press a key button which will show up immediately in the window next the Keyboard. Then click Confirm at the bottom to save and close the window.


If you want to bind a joystick or button box button, select the device in the Buttonbox drop down menu. Note: The joystick or buttonbox will only appear if it has been detected by Windows. Once you have selected the correct joystick or button box, press the button you want to bind and then click the Confirm button.


See the troubleshooting section below if you have issues binding a joystick button to these buttons. · DEFAULT MAX SPEED:

This will set the default maximum speed that must be obtained from the Speed telemetry output of the game for the fans to reach 100% of the power based on the Power Range setting. For example, if the Default Max Speed is set to 100Mph (or 160Km/h if you are utilizing km/h which can be adjusted either way in SETUP > App and in the Measurement field), the fans will not reach their maximum power until the vehicle in the game reaches 100Mph. This setting is utilized to ensure the fans are not at their max power when you first load into a game and are in the pits or idle on a runway. Sim Racing Studio will automatically adjust this number for you based on the speed telemetry output of the game. So, as you drive a lap and your speed reaches 140mph, this slider will be adjusted to 140mph automatically. This feature will always ensure the maximum speed obtained will reflect the maximum wind speed as well. However, this automatic adjustment by Sim Racing Studio will never LOWER the value set in Default Max Speed. Sim Racing Studio does not save this value on vehicle/game exit, so it will be able to re-adjust itself to match different vehicles in the same game. Note: There is no cap for the maximum speed learned by SRS, so it will work for very high speeds like Mach 2 (2469 Km/h) for flight sims.

If you adjust the slider manually and click SAVE. This will be the new Default Max Speed for that Wind tuning. Therefore, if you set this value to high, and you never obtain that speed in the game, your fan kits will never reach 100% maximum power. For example, if you set the slider to 200mph, and you only ever achieve a maximum speed in the game of 90mph, the fans will never reach above 45% of maximum power.

Wind Curving

Wind Curving is an effect for when you have two separate fans for your wind kit. It will adjust the speed to the left or right fan to match the Lateral G-Forces of Sway to provide an effect as you are turning in a corner. For example, if you are in a fast right turn, the Lateral G-Forces for Sway will be pushing to the left; therefore, the left fan will have a higher speed than the right fan.

This effect will provide an immersive queue that there is a high g-force felt in sway that is not available for non-motion platforms. However, it can be utilized with motion platforms for an added immersive effect.


· STATUS: This button will turn ON and OFF the Wind Curving effect.


· CURVING EFFECT: This slider will determine the strength of the wind curving effect. If the slider is closer to the left with a setting of 1 or 2, then the difference in fan speed will be small. If the slider is to the right with a setting of 9 or 10, then the difference in fan speed will be larger. Setting the slider to 10 will provide the maximum amount of difference in fan speed for the Wind Curving effect. 


Example Video:

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