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VIP Services offers the convenience of a specially trained Sim Racing Studio professional that will connect remotely to your PC to provide an unmatched level of support. Book your VIP session below!


Support with installation and license activation of
Sim Racing Studio


Assistance with game and hardware set up including supported motion platforms, wind kits and shaker kits from Sim Racing Studio


Guidance on basic software navigation and how to tune the features of Sim Racing Studio


Help with troubleshooting software and hardware issues related to Sim Racing Studio


Once you have booked your session below, you may be contacted by email and requested to provide additional information, so please ensure to for check your email messages from Sim Racing Studio. This includes any potential spam or junk mail folders as the email may originate directly from the SRS VIP Services Agent.

Follow up items may include:

1) Please let us know if you are available for a video session using
Whatsapp or Facetime as this greatly improves the efficiency of the session.  You may download WhatsApp from or Facetime from the Apple App Store

2) You may be asked to give some additional detail about the issues that you are having so the SRS VIP Services Agent can better prepare to assist you.

3) Depending on the amount of issues, a single 30 minute session may not be able to cover resolving everything required.  We can make a better determination on time once we have a better understanding of your issues.

4) If you have not already done so, please download the Anydesk software from  AnyDesk is required for the SRS VIP Services Agent to have access to the PC.



The booked session time will begin at exactly the scheduled time and end either 30 or 60 minutes afterwards. Please review the cancelling or rescheduling section below.


Any requests to reschedule or cancel a VIP sessions must be made 24 hours before the booked time for the VIP session. This allows the SRS VIP Services Agent to reallocate time and make new arrangements to accommodate the change.

If a reschedule is required within 24 hours of the session appointment time, a service fee of $25 USD will be applied to the rescheduled VIP session.

If a cancellation request is made within 24 hours of the session appointment time, a 50% booking cancellation fee will be applied to the refund for the session.  A VIP Services 30 minute booking cancellation fee will be $25 USD and a  VIP Services 1 hour booking cancellation fee will be $50 USD.



  • AnyDesk - AnyDesk will be utilized to remotely access your PC needed for remote services. Please follow the steps below to use AnyDesk for the VIP Services session: 

  1. Go to the Anydesk Website:

  2. Click the Windows icon and then click the "Download Now" button.

  3. Locate the AnyDesk.exe file you've just downloaded which is usually in your "Downloads" folder.

  4. Double click the "AnyDesk.exe" to launch AnyDesk

  5. At the top of the screen will be Your Address which needs to be provided to Sim Racing Studio VIP Services prior to your scheduled session.

Book your VIP Services Session Now

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