V2.5 - Sep 12 2020


   - SRS Mobile Companion. Access SRS UI from any PC, phone or tablet in your network. Premium Subscription required

   - Responsive UI. You can make SRS UI very small on your PC and still access all features.

   - Added Pitch and roll angle for IL2.

   - Added Aircraft name and RPM for P3D.

   - Improved performance of Xplane 11 and War Thunder telemetry.

   -  Added over 30 new Pro Tuned profiles for many games and vehicles.


   -  Fixed Yaw for War Thunder.

Yaw VR:
   - Added support 360 degrees rotation.

   - Added support to multiple YawVR in the same network.

   - Improved connectivity.

Known issue:

   - Dropdown might work erratically on some iOS devices