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Add Immersion to YOUR game

MOTION - Motion Platforms are one of the largest growing accessories in sim racing and sim flying with major manufacturers like DOF Reality, PT Actuator, Prosimu and YawVR to DIY builders using Thanos Controllers. Motion platforms are more common than ever and by using Sim Racing Studio’s API for 6DOF motion telemetry, you give your game the immersion it needs.


SHAKE - Feeling the road, hitting the jumps and sensing the vibrations of the engine bring life to your game. Through RPM, Heave and Suspension telemetry coming from transducers and the U-Shake6, Sim Racers will feel every inch of the track while Pilots feel the runway during a landing and the shake of turbulence.

Rally Cross

WIND - Sim Pilots and Racers will feel the wind like never before from Speed telemetry in your game. Feeling the wind on their face as they fly through the air or race to the finish line using Sim Racing Studio Wind Kits.


IMMERSION - From Roller Coasters to Space Flight, from Truck Driving to Farming, telemetry support just isn’t for racing! By providing telemetry support for motion, wind and shaking, you increase the immersion and fun your game can provide.


Do you want to bring 
your game to life?


With Sim Racing Studio's
API, you can get
your customers to

Feel YOUR Game

Use Sim Racing Studio's API to send telemetry for Motion, Wind and Shake effects.

For more details, please visit our Gitlab page here or email us at

[email protected]

Using Unreal Engine to build your game or application?

Use the MOTION PLATFORM LINKER to quick and easy add motion effects and more to your game

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