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The Best Immersive Experience

Sim Racing Studio is the world's premier software solution that combines motion simulators, shaker kits, wind kits, VR motion compensation, and much more all in one single tool! 

Sim Racing Studio enables you to quickly setup your hardware and adjust each effect to provide the best immersive experience possible. 

Download Sim Racing Studio now and use the free trial to feel your games!

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PC and Console Support

For a complete list of the games that Sim Racing Studio supports, go here for Console Games and here for PC games.

Platform Friendly

Sim Racing Studio works with platforms from DOF Reality, PT Actuator, YawVR, and Prosimu as well as any linear platform that uses a Thanos AMC Controller.

More Accessories

Sim Racing Studio works effortlessly with the Sim Racing Studio U-Shake6, Hurricane Wind Kits and the LED Go Strips. Visit our store to find out more about the U-Shake6, Hurricane Wind Kits and LED Go Strips.

Sim Racing Studio also provides support for many hardware accessories such as the TensionR Active Belt, HapticR shakers, SIM 3D Rumblers/Seat/Wind, and iFlag.

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Motion Compensation Is Here

Sim Racing Studio's built in VR Motion Compensation will ensure you stay behind the wheel in VR when your platform is moving.

Find out more about the Sim Racing Studio Motion Compensation here.

Telemetry Based

Sim Racing Studio also has the ability to provide motion, shake, and wind effects directly through your joystick for sims that do not export telemetry. You can experience motion now for ANY game as long as its a Windows PC with a recognized joystick. 

Find out more information on the Sim Racing Studio Joystick Functionality here.

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Sim Racing Studio has many more functions for immersion and ease of use: 

  • Alerts and notifications for shifting

  • Cloud Backup for your SRS profiles

  • Ability to export and review game telemetry

  • Custom keyboard bindings for SRS functions

  • SRS Cloud Share profiles created by the SRS community to quickly get started


Download Sim Racing Studio now AND FEEL YOUR GAME!

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