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Just installed my upgrade to Sim Wind Curve, WOW, this is great, you can really feel the wind speed change as you go through a corner. Driving on Sebring was amazing as the fans adjust speed so quickly as you go through the rights and left sequence corners. This is just awesome. I am using the wind concentrators and I can target my arms so it seems like I have a window open in a tin top car. No it doesn't make me any faster, but it feels like it. This is just another element of immersion that has been well done. I am also running their tach and shift light, and love that it adjusts to each car for optimum shift points. The support I have received from [SRS] has been fantastic. The software provides the ability to control the fan speed and also a dimmer for the shift light. I couldn't be happier with their products and their support, if you are on the fence about placing an order don't be. You will be very happy.

Wind Kit Customer

I've received my "double the fan" + wind straigteners, extremely well packed, and excellent email/PM comms.

I mounted the 2 fans on my Heuskinveld rig, about lm above the ground, on 14cm 40mm profile beams extending outwards from the central posts.

The wind sim works out of the box, just download the software and launch iRacing. The intellibox auto adjusts over a few laps to the car's top speed. There is an optional config file in /My Documents/ to adjust max fan speed.

Downunder its summer, I ran a few hot laps in the DW11 around Watsons Glen and Road Atlanta in short sleeves, without gloves.

The best description would be turning up your motor car's fans to full blast, in short sleeves, pointing at your forearms. Similar volume and air focus. When turning the wheel, your forearms move out of the air stream. Removing 1 fan's air straightener, and alternating unplugging 1 RJ cable at a time, as expected produces slightly quieter more diffuse wind.

I have emailed Gilbert about the possibility of an S-curve fan speed for a more pronounced wind speed difference between the straights and slow corners.

Highly recommended.

Wind Kit Customer

Just got done changing my rig over and getting my fans mounted!! Loving it so far.

Wind Kit Customer

Another shout out for these guys. I just sent in a problem that was 100% on my end. They went above and beyond to get it fixed so I could start reaping the benefits of this program/hardware.

They are always super responsive and looking out for the sim community 100%. Can't choose a better company to work with and support as consumer.

I couldn't agree more. I'm pretty sure it's the best customer service I have ever experienced. I wish some of the "big" names that do motion, sim rigs and direct drive would take some notes and up their customer "experience"

+1 on pre and especially post sale support.

Wind Kit Customer

This Wind Simulator is immense!
I love mine and your customer support is EXCELLENT!

Wind Kit Customer

Just received double fan wind simulator from SimRacing Studio yesterday. I was impressed after a roughly test with iRacing. First, as [SRS] said, there are not much choice of wind sim on this market, most of them need heavily DIY including programming and electronics, I am not familiar with them, there are very rare choice of complete product like FREX from Japan but expensive, so I keep waiting until this product.

What I like this product are :
-Compact in size
-Reasonable price
-Fast shipping
-More than enough wind power with natural feeling
-Wind curving effect with double fans package, you can clearly feel UR wind speed difference while turning
-Easy to setup whatever software and hardware side -Excellent customer service with fast and accurate response

If you are looking for a wind sim as I describe, congratulations, you found it.

Wind Kit Customer

I can not believe how cool these kits are!! The best part is after running awhile and you stop!! It's just like when you pull into the pits IRL and get heat soaked haha! Hats off, love this kit

I have the fans blowing down into the cockpit. It's working out real well actually.

Wind Kit Customer

A few weeks ago [SRS] sent me a tach and a wind simulator to try. Once I got the software loaded both operated flawlessly and it was really nice to feel the wind blowing on my face at varying degrees of intensity. The tach actually helped me to shift a couple of cars (Skippy) a little sooner than I normally would with the bright red light that I could see in my peripheral vision. The shift points were calculated automatically for me. After trying the wind simulator a bit in practices I tried an experiment in the 60 Plus league which have two 1/2 hr races back to back to back. The first race with the wind and the second without. Not only did I miss the immersive feeling of the wind but I noticed that I felt so much better with the breeze blowing on me in that first race. Sometimes in the heat of battle my face would feel like it was going to blow a gasket but with the wind simulator running I didn't get that feeling. Now I've found I don't want to race without the wind and have ordered one for my rig, as I soon have to pass this beta unit along to someone else. Since I already own a tach I won't be purchasing this one but it's well made, works well, looks great and mounts easily to my Obutto rig. I'm impressed by the feedback that's coming from the community to make these units more immersive and [SRS] being so enthusiastic about trying new ideas. Can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Wind Kit Customer

My SRS wind simulator arrived and I tested it last night. My initial impression is that the system works really well, the fans are more than capable and the immersion is excellent, but the 3D printed Go Pro mounts and power adapters need a rethink.

The Good: This thing really is plug and play. After installing the software, it 'just works'. I don't need to start anything up, or tweak any settings. I just turn on my PC and start driving - it is that simple. The effect is surprisingly realistic, and the curving works really well. I didn't order straighteners, mainly because I feel (like Gilbert) that a wider wind area is more realistic than a focused, more powerful 'jet'. The fans are more than powerful enough for me already, so I'm happy with this. They really add to the overall feeling of speed when driving.

The fans are not overly loud; I race with headphones and only notice any background noise when coming off the throttle at the end of a long straight. The fans can decelerate quickly so can cope with sudden changes of speed (I tested this by plowing into a wall at full pelt!)

Finally, I like how compact the system is. The Intellibox is small and disappears under my rig. The electronics housing under each fan is also smart, although IMHO the 3D printed 'Sim Racing Studio' text would be better replaced with a gel badge or similar, as it doesn't print particularly cleanly.

Wind Kit Customer

Looking neat and tidy, Daniel, well done

Really luv this kit that [SRS] and the Boyz have put together, a very nice alternative…. On top of the immersion, my wind-sim thingo helps to cool me down a bit as well, which is a big plus in the scorching summer temps in Melbourne.

Anyway, enjoy, nice setup!

Wind Kit Customer

I bought one of these (the twin fan version) from SRS, and I'm very happy with it. It works excellently with Project CARS 2, and other games. A very nice plug and play solution in my opinion, something I've been looking for for a while (since I switched to VR really - I was using a static fan for cooling, and enjoyed the extra immersion it gave even then).

(Note, this is posted with my sim racer hat on, not my SMS one. And I m not on commission!)

Wind Kit Customer

I received my SRS Shakekit and dual Power Wind kits today and after about 15mins had them both up and running, a truly straight forward plug and play set up. I have only had about 30 mins to test them so far due to family commitments, but OMG, absolutely unreal.

As a VR user the Power Wind will be a much appreciated addition as we head it to the Aussie summer, with an added bonus of a little more immersion with the fans ramping up and down with the cars speed. Still tuning the Shakekit to my liking but WOW, adds a whole new dimension to my setup feeling the ripple strips, gear shifts, suspension and engine vibrations.

Everything was brilliantly packed and survived the long haul to Australia perfectly, even though you could see the box had been handled roughly at some points during the journey. Absolutely outstanding service and I look forward to many, many more hours using this kit in the next few days alone.

Wind Kit Customer
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