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3 Reasons should choose Sim Racing Studio

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

1. So Easy... (We do most of the work for you)

  1. Auto connect to game and load a default profile

  2. Auto recognize different vehicles and can load its specific profile

  3. Configure your hardware in 5 minutes or less (typical time assuming hardware is pre-installed and in working conditions)

  4. Easy tuning capabilities for motion, shake and wind simulator (includes Intellitune*. SRS artificial intelligence motion tuning)

  5. You can manage all settings and tunes from your phone/tablet using SRS Mobile Companion feature*

  6. Pro-tune profiles* ready to use/download right from the app

  7. Share profiles with your friends with easy export / import feature

  8. Share and import other users profiles from the cloud* (Over 1500 pre tuned profiles ready to use)

  9. Over 120 games supported via data telemetry. No plug-ins required.

  10. Support for any game via Joystick functionality* (telemetry maker)

  11. Cloud Backup & Restore of all your settings*.

2. Feels so good... (Exclusive features to ensure you ‘Feel the Game’)

  1. Deep integration and exclusive motion features for most of the globally used platforms on the market (DOFReality, Prosimu, YawVR, Thanos/PT Actuators)

  2. Feel every bump on the road / tarmac

  3. Feel the G-forces

  4. Feel the rumble strips (SRS exclusive formula)

  5. Feel when the wheel locks or spins (SRS exclusive formula)

  6. Feel when you lose traction

  7. Feel when ABS activates

  8. Feel the speed (including SRS exclusive wind curving feature)

  9. Feel cannon and missile firing

  10. Feel canopy and landing gear opening and closing

  11. Feel the afterburners

  12. Best VR motion compensation*

  13. Visual cues (LED and Tach)

  14. Special formula for gear smoothing

3. We got your back… (5 stars customer service)

  1. Large social presence (Facebook, Discord, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.)

  2. VIP services for 1-1 support

  3. Self-serve troubleshooting in our extensive FAQ

  4. Keep up-to-date with new features in our Blog

  5. Get help with tuning in our forum and SRS-specific Sim Motion Tuning videos

Not convinced yet?

P.S. Features with * require an annual subscription (Premium).

About Sim Racing Studio

Sim Racing Studio (aka SRS) creates software and hardware to increase immersion for Sim Racers and Flight simulators.

"Feel the Game" is Sim Racing Studio's motto.

Established in 2017 in Canada, Sim Racing Studio is proud to serve over 25,000 users in over 200 countries.

On the hardware side, SRS offers a line of Wind/Speed simulators called Hurricane Wind Kit, Shakers/Transducers kits called U-Shake6 and also a variety of visual gadgets such as LED strips and more.

On the software side, Sim Racing Studio is the most used motion simulator app supporting the leaders in motion simulators manufacturing such as DOFReality, PT-Actuator, Thanos based systems, Prosimu and YawVR/Yaw2.

SRS software can also be used to shake your rig with your own transducers / Bass Shakers.

Sim Racing Studio also supports third-party hardware such as the VIsual Flag System by iRacigFlags.

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