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ABS Shaking and Motion effects

As of Beta v, SRS is introducing a new cool synthetic effect for shake and motion.

When you break hard and ABS activates, we will send special vibration effects to your shakers and motion motors.

ABS is ONLY available for the following games that sends ABS telemetry:

  • iRacing

  • ACC

  • Project Cars 1

  • Project Cars 2

  • Project Cars 3

  • Automobilista 2

Other games currently been investigated but in principle, they do not send ABS data to be used for ABS effect.

Note: If you have a SRS CUSTOM SHAKE Profile in Hardware -> Setup, you must select which channel you want to add ABS and manually increase the ABS channel volume for each of the channels you want to feel ABS (default volume is 0). If you use any standard SRS shake profile, it will be auto activated.


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