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Advanced Shaking Profiles

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

SRS is re-introducing "Advanced Shaking Profiles" in v2.1.1

With this feature, you will be able to select exactly which SFX effect goes to each channel as well as its strength/volume.

* The pre-defined profiles are optimized by the SRS team to your enjoyment and can't be modified.

* But you can select a pre-defined profile (based on your hardware configuration) and make a COPY of it (your own profile). You can create as many custom profiles as you want.

  • This functionality is found in SETUP -> Hardware page. Shakers session

* Click on COPY -> Name it what you want.

* Customize channels and SFX effects as per instructions below:

-> Click on the GEAR icon on the right of the channel you want to customize

-> Change the sliders and click CONFIRM.

-> Repeat for each channel

-> Presto!!! your custom profile is ready to be used

And of course, you can continue to use the LIVE TUNING sliders as multipliers on the selected profile.



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