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Auto GAME/VEHICLE Configuration

Updated: May 23, 2020

Don't you hate when, just after you started a race or flight, you remember that you forgot to set the right shake/motion/wind profile and hence you need to get back to it and change?

Sim Racing Studio proudly introduces another automation to make your experience a lot more fun.

As of version 44, SRS app can REMEMBER VEHICLE CONFIG for any vehicle in the following games:

  • iRacing

  • Assetto Corsa

  • Assetto Corsa Competizione

  • RFactor 1 and all games based on RF1 engine

  • RFactor 2

  • F12018

  • F1 2019

  • Project cars

  • Project Cars 2

  • RRE

  • American Truck Simulator

  • European Truck Simulator

  • GP Bikes

  • WRS

  • MX Bikes

  • Kart Racing Pro

Once you get inside the vehicle of any game above, SRS will display game and vehicle you are using near the bottom bar.

Once you get inside a vehicle for the supported games listed below, the vehicle name will also appear on the right bottom of the screen

Now you can fine tune Wind/Shake and Motion Configuration for that particular vehicle.

in SRS V2, if the name of the vehicle is in italics, it means that you did not save a vehicle profile and is using the game default profie...

Once you finish tuning Wind, Shake, Motion and many other parameters for that specific vehicle, just click on SAVE near the right bottom of SRS app. You can save the current configuration to any vehicle in the current GAME (Save for Game) or for this individual VEHICLE only (Save for this Vehicle)

Next time you start the same game/vehicle combination, SRS will automatic load ALL PARAMETERS for this Game/Vehicle combination automatically

PS. Saving for the GAME will NOT OVERRIDE any vehicle specific configuration. It will be used only for any vehicle in that game that has not a specific profile (Like a default setting for the game)


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This is a game changer. I am pretty amazed that the info is even available from the game about what car is being driven etc. Well done!

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