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Cloud Tune Sharing and Importing

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

As of SRS latest beta v2.15.0.7, you will be able to share and import shared profiles from the cloud.

Download latest beta from here (

Note: this is a premium functionality and requires a Premium Subscription License


You can share your tunes in 2 ways:

1) Using Profile Manager (Click on Magnifier near PROFILE IN USE to open it)

To Share, just go to the game/vehicle you want to share and click on the SHARE icon (see below).

The first time you will share, SRS will ask you for a unique Public Alias that will be associated with your Premium Subscription Key. You only need to do that once per PC/Premium Key.

2) While in a game or vehicle, click on the SHARE icon near PROFILE IN USE


1) Once in game or in a vehicle, go to the tuning page you want to import a pro-tuned [PRO] or a cloud tune shared profile (shake or motion).

2) If the helmet on top of the page is not grayed out, it's because at least one profile for either the game or vehicle exists for you to import

3) Click on the helmet to see available profiles

4) to IMPORT it, click on the helmet in the IMPORT column

Note that equipment is just to give you an ideia of where it was tuned. In many cases, you can use a any profile even if you use a different equipment

5) Once you imported, you will see your values are overwritten by the imported profile. We suggest you TEST BEFORE YOU SAVE.

6) Once you save, your profile is overridden by the imported tune. If you cancel, you go back to your latest saved profile.

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