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FS 2020 and Pcars 3 Support

SRS just added MS FS 2020 and Pcars3

V23 is live !!!

New Games    - Project cars 3    - Add support to FS 2020 steam and Xbox versions

Enhancements    - Gear Smoothing Factor. 

          Now you can reduce the nasty gear change surge effect in games such as AC, ACC, Pcars series and more...    - Add aircraft name to FSX, FS 2020 and DCS. Now you can setup individual profiles by aircraft    - Keep Window size for users using zoom

Bugs:    - Bug fix super size of config db

Prosimu:    - Now works with PRS200 upgraded models

Yaw VR:    - Add YawVR branding    - Add VR autopark (optional)    - Add Alert (optional) to center the platform before playing