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Joystick Functionality Guide

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Many games do not provide telemetry to be converted into motion, shake wind and more.

As of SRS v2.1, you can now simulate telemetry for any game or video on your PC.

Our Joystick functionality allow you to use any USB game controller such as Joystick, gamepad, Wheel, Pedals, Hotas or Rudders to generate wind, shake and motion effects.

Here is how to configure it

1) Go to SETUP-Joystick page

2) Click on Add new profile. Enter a name you like and click CONFIRM

3) Click on the Gear icon for the effect you want to configure. it will open an assignment screen

4) Select the Joystick you want to use

5) Select Mode (Single or dual axis)

Dual axis are for Example: Wheel, Gamepad Thumbstick, Hotas, etc

Single Axis are for Example: Pedal, Gamepad Trigger, etc

6) VERY IMPORTANT STEP. Position the axis to its max position, HOLD and click CONFIRM.

For example, if you are configuring wheel to the left, turn it all the way to the left, leave it there and press confirm. If you are configuring your pedals, keep it pressed all the way and press confirm. DO NOT release the pedal before clicking confirm

7) Repeat for each effect you want to program

8) Turn on and test

9) Repeat from step 3 any effect that did not program correctly. for example, if you are programming a HOTAS, if you want to program UP, but accidentally moved t the left first, it will program UP when you move left...even if you were holding up before clicking confirm. Just reset and program it again

Once finish programming all SAVE

Next Step...TUNING

1) Turn ON the profile you want to tune

2) Go to TUNING - Motion or wind or shake page

3) Tune normally as you tune any other game (Pitch, Roll and Yaw for now)


Ready to go

Note. You can click on the KEYBOARD icon on top right of Joystick screen to program another button to turn ON/OFF Joystick mode

You can create multiple profiles for the same combination of axis and tune differently.

If you want more detailed instructions, you can read this excellent guide made by Jeff Weaver. and his Joystick tuning tips here

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