Motion Compensation

Updated: Apr 3

Sim Racing Studio is introducing the next generation of motion compensation (aka MC) that will provide you the easiest and most accurate motion compensation technique. It's an hybrid approach that uses a high speed sensor with 9 axis combined with complex formulas to make motion compensation smooth and precise.

For an explanation of what is Motion Compensation (MC) and how you can use traditional tracker based MC without SRS, please check this video

SRS MC Already tested and working with:

- WMR headsets (G2, Odyssey+, etc...).

- Pimax 5k and 8k,

- Oculus Quest 2 (with oculus link in steam VR).

- Oculus Rift S and CV1

Index NOT WORKING. Known bug in OVRMC. Please contact their dev team if you want this fixed. SRS is sending the correct information as we are VR HMD agnostic.

If you want to join our BETA program, you will need the following:

1) SRS Premium Subscription

2) A special Brand / Model of hardware to connect to your motion platform. You can buy here . Please make sure you get the EXACT model highlighted below.

PS. SRS is not a reseller nor affiliated with Witmotion.

3) OVRMC. This beautiful open source (free) software created by dschadu. We strongly encourage you to donate as he really deserves it.

Here is the Setup Guide (work in progress)

Disclaimer: Motion compensation is an experimental Sim Racing Studio feature and might not work if SteamVR or OVRMC stops working. Sim Racing Studio is not responsible for any expenses you incurred related to Motion Compensation feature

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