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Motion Flight Sim Enhancements are now available

The same Shake (tranducers) efffects previously released are now also available for SRS supported motion platforms as special motion flight effects.

  • Afterburner (telemetry)

  • Canopy (telemetry)

  • Landing Gear (telemetry)

  • Missile firing (shortcut)

  • Cannon firing (shortcut)

Download latest beta (v2.13.0.2 or higher)

Missile and Cannon firing are SRS special effects not based on telemetry. But rather based on a keyboard or joystick programmed button (shortcuts).

You just need to set a shortcut that you want to add those effects. See instructions below.

At this moment, shortcuts will affect all flight games and aircrafts. In the future, we will try to make this work only for games/aircraftsthat you specifically set instead of a global shortcut.


Download the latest beta from here to access feature above

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