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Motion Platform, Anyone?

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Sim Racing Studio and DOF Reality are proud to announce an exclusive product partnership to provide sim racers and fly sim enthusiasts with the most complete, integrated and affordable simulation platform (Motion, Wind and Shake) in the market.

You will finally be able to "Feel the Game" without emptying your savings account. 

How do you benefit from us joining forces?

1) Economical savings. As of now, you can buy combo kits including motion, wind and shake at reduced prices. Visit the SRS or DOF Reality web stores for more information.

2) Integrated Hardware. Our engineers are designing hardware for seamless integration of motion, shake and wind in a best-of-class (yet affordable) simulation platform.

3) Plug-and-race/fly Software.  Our software engineers are also adding “DOF Reality“ motion functionality to the already easy-to-use SRS app. You will benefit from an integrated software offering additional effects, minimizing conflicts and installation problems, reducing CPU usage, easy to configure and providing a 5-star customer service.

We will keep you informed of our advancements in the Hardware and Software developments once we have additional news.

Thanks for your continuous support.

- SRS and DOF Reality Management

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