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Next Generation ShakeKit is available (U-Shake6)

What is the SRS U-Shake6?

It's the latest generation shake kit from SRS.

A vibrating "cushion" seat that is fully wired up and ready to plug-and-race/fly.

Inside, it has 6 transducers/bass shakers (FR, FL, RR, RL, CE and SUB) installed in the perfect positions to make you feel vibrations like you are in a real race car / flying vehicle.

The main advantage of 6 channels is that SRS automatically redirects Engine effects to the Center and Sub. Hence, effects such as suspension, traction loss, road bump, ABS and others are much better felt (pure) in the 4 corner channels (FR, FL, RR and RL).

It comes with an exclusive SRS control board that integrates a 6 channel sound card, a 6 channel amplifier (120watts/4ohms per channel) and a pre-amp 3.5mm output to add extra amplifiers and shakers like a Buttkicker 2 or similar.

Our SRS App controls each of the 6 built-in shakers independently. You feel the right effect, with the right intensity, at the right place...Like having individual sensors for each vehicle suspension.

You will feel each curb, road imperfection, turbulence, engine vibration, transmission/gear changes, impact, acceleration, deceleration, g forces, traction loss and more...

SRS U-Shake6 fits any racing / flying / gaming seat due to its size and flexibility.

It's ultra-quiet and will not disturb people in your house or your neighbours.

There is nothing to assemble. Simply place the cushion on top of your seat and connect the ShakeBox to your PC via supplied USB cable.

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