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Premium Shaking / Haptic Feedback Features

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

As of Latest Beta v2.12.0.3, we have included a new feature that allow you to get more control of SRS shaking (haptic feedback) effects (shakers/transducers hardware only).

Introducing...SRS Premium Shaking Features.

Just click on the Gear icon near the effect name to access the Premium Shaking options:


For all effects (except Engine):

1. Bass low-frequency filter (aka "Filter")

2. Bass Ressonance (aka "Strength")

The lower the filter cutoff, the more pure the BASS will go to your shakers. Careful not to make so low that will clip all bass.

The higher the strength slider, the stronger each shake ressonance will be for that effect.

When lowering the filter, you might want to increase the strength to ensure the values filtered are filled with strength / ressonance.

For Engine:

1. Fade Off % (at what % of max RPM engine shake should start fading)

2. CutOff % (at what % of max RPM engine shake will stop)

3. Speed (Control how quick is the engine shake. This will allow to simulate different feel for each car). 35 is the default.

The master volume slider for each effect is still available on the main page.

You can control SRS premium shake sliders separatelly for each game/vehicle so it will remember next time you start that game or enter that vehicle.

PS. Do not forget to save your profile before quitting the game or changing vehicle.

PS. This is a Premium feature and requires Premium Subscription


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