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PRO TUNED profiles for motion and shake

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

As of V2.4 (release date: Aug 29 2020), you can import a pro tuned profile for Motion, Wind or Shake.

*** Pro Tuned Profile import requires premium subscription . You can manually enter pro-tuned profiles published on our tuning forum***

Our pro tuners will be releasing more and more profiles over time. But many games have already been tuned by them.

Here is how it works:

1) Once in game or in a vehicle, go to the tuning page you want to import a pro-tuned profile (wind, shake or motion).

2) If the helmet on top of the page is not grayed out, it's because at least one pro tuned profile for either the game or vehicle exists for you to import

3) Click on the helmet to see the more info on the available pro tuned profiles

4) to IMPORT it, click on the helmet in the GAME column

Note that equipment is just to give you an ideia of where it was tuned. In many cases, you can use a pro tuned profile even if you use a different equipment

5) Once you imported, you will see your values are overwritten by the pro tuned profile. We suggest you TEST BEFORE YOU SAVE.

6) Once you save, your profile is overridden by the pro. If you cancel, you go back to your latest saved profile.

Thanks to our 10 pro tuners that have been working many hours to fine tune each game/vehicle profile. Special thanks to Jeff Weaver who is the lead of pro tuners



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