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Profile Manager

Updated: May 25, 2021

SRS profiles are different from other applications. They are fully automated.

As soon as you enter a game, the game profile is loaded.

As soon as you enter a vehicle, if you saved a profile for that vehicle, it will load that vehicle profile automatically.

So here are some common questions we receive when you try to use SRS as if it was another app that you have to manually select a profile all the time...

How do I choose a profile manually within SRS?

Answer: You can't within the app but If you have exported a profile to a file (see export / import blog), then you can import it. Great if you really want to create specific track/car/game combo profiles.

How do I copy a profile from a game to another?

Answer: As games usually have so different telemetry, SRS does not allow copy profiles across games. If you want to do so, take screen shots, manually edit the profile for the other game and SAVE (see profile manager instructions below)

How do I copy a profile from a vehicle to another (within same game)?

Answer: Simple. Delete any existing profile for target vehicle (see instructions below). Save the profle you want to copy (source) as the GAME profile. Enter the game and vehicle you want to copy to (target) and SAVE as a vehicle profile. PS. SRS strongly reccomend to save a vehicle profile if you must modify from the master game profile. Use game master profile as much as you can. It should be good for most cars in the game.

Once you do that, just go race/fly and enjoy.

No need to even think about SRS app running in the back and automatic loading YOUR SAVED profile :-)

Profile Manager Instructions:

If you want to edit, reset or delete a profile in Sim Racing Studio WITHOUT having to load the game/vehicle, just follow instructions below (as of v2.1.5)

1) While in "Stand By" mode, Click on the "Magnifier"

2) Select the game/vehicle you want to Edit, Reset or Delete (Click on the edit, delete or reset icon)...not on the OK button Note: If you never saved a vehicle specific profile, you won't be able to create from profile manager. You must load that vehicle in game and save as vehicle profile first to appear in profile manager.

3) If you clicked on EDIT, you can now perform all your changes as you normally do when you are in a game / vehicle

4) Click SAVE to keep or CANCEL to rollback. This will also go back to stand by mode



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