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ShakeKit can work with any game using game sounds instead of telemetry

Updated: May 7, 2020

If you want to use your ShakeKit with games not yet supported by SRS App, You can use a FREE workaround


Follow instructions on the screen and reboot when asked to (This will create a virtual sound card on your PC that capture game sound and can simultaneously send to your main sound system as well as the shakekit).

Go to Windows Sounds and ensure VoiceMeteer is Enabled and set as your DEFAULT DEVICE

In VoiceMeteer,

1) Set your Hardware Input 1 to your main Sound Card (not the ShakeKit)

2) Set your A1 Hardware out to the "USB Sound card" (ShakeKit)

3) Click on Stereo Repeat to ensure all 4 shakers will get the sound

4) Set A2 Hardware out to the same in step 1 (So you get the game sound also on your speaker)

5) You can even quit SRS App

6) When you finish playing or to go back to SRS Telemetry vibration, just dIsable VoiceMeteer on windows sound, close Voice Meteer App and reopen SRS App

We will be working in the feature to automate this process and make it seamless, but for now, you can enjoy any game sound on your shakekit.

Of course game sound is far from telemetry, but certainly still better than no shaking at all.


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