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SIM3D Partnership Announcement

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

SRS is proud to announce the partnership with SIM3D.

Sim3D has an impressive collection of sim hardware that enhances your immersion.

As of April 9 2022, SRS LATEST BETA ( or higher) will support the following SIM3D hardware*

  • Pedal rumble kits (Accelerator, Brake and Clutch)

  • Seat rumble kits

  • Wind kits

You can purchase SIM3D hardware from here

Download Latest Beta from here

You will also need SIM3D licenses. You can purchase them here

The benefits of our partnership to you:

  • Exclusive tuning from professional e-sports teams.

  • Easy to configure your hardware. Plug-and-race.

  • Simple tuning page so you can customize your experience.

  • Automatic loading profiles by game and vehicle.

  • Simple to share (Export / Import) other users' profiles.

  • Over 100 games supported.

  • 5 star support.

* License required for each individual hardware.


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