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SRS Mobile Companion

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

If you would like to access the Sim Racing Studio user interface on a phone or tablet, you can do it starting with v2.5. A Premium Add-On Subscription is required for this feature which can be purchased here.

Once you activate your Premium Subscription (or free trial), you can click on the Mobile Companion Link (top right of SRS)

If your Premium subscription or trial is active, it will open a browser window like the one below. (Note: Do not scan the QR code or use the IP address below since this is an example image and will not provide the correct location for your phone to access Sim Racing Studio.)

Just scan the code or manually enter the address you see on your PC to open SRS in your mobile. (Again, do not use the QR code above. Please use the QR code or IP address provided within Sim Racing Studio installed on your PC. You can download Sim Racing Studio here.)

If your mobile can't open the SRS app, try the following

1) check if your gaming PC are in the same home network that your mobile.

2) Check also your firewall settings. Ensure simracingstudio is allowed thru it. Contact us if you run into trouble.



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