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Test Works...Game Doesn't? -> Manual Game Detection Mode

Updated: May 23, 2020

Once you finish installing your hardware, configuring games in the GAMES tab and did the tests using the test buttons, Sim Racing Studio should be working automatically when you launch a game.

In very rare occasions, it will not recognize a game and stay in test mode.

If that happens (starting from v45), you will be able to manually force game detection.

Just go to the GAMES tab, Set to MANUAL MODE and SELECT THE GAME.

This is also very practical for loading, changing and saving game parameters without having to start the actual game

PS: That does not guarantee the game will work, that only forces SRS to start listening to the game. but if there is a telemetry problem or configuration issue, it might still require help. Contact us if you are still not able to get your game to work

If using V2, check the PROFILE IN USE box on the top right. There are 3 possible status

1. Stand by...waiting for game

2. [Game_name]....Game recognized to be running. No telemetry coming yet

3. Telemetry Data...Telemetry is coming

If using SRS V1, to confirm if SRS is receiving telemetry (in both Auto and Manual modes), check the (T) in front of the game name. If you don't see a (T), no telemetry is been received. Don't panic, many games just start sending telemetry during a race or a flight. not in the menus. See example below. Left side is ready to receive telemetry. Right side is receiving telemetry.



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