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The Official Simulator Software of DAMS F2 team

Breaking news:

SRS (Sim Racing Studio) and F2 Team DAMS are set to collaborate, aiming to refine your sim racing experience.

  • Official Software for DAMS Simulator 💻

    • SRS is in the process of becoming the official software for the DAMS simulator. This collaboration will provide DAMS pilots with a reliable platform for training, improving their readiness for real-world racing.

  • Next-Gen Tire Grip Formulas in Development 🔄

    • SRS is working on refining Tire Grip formulas, focusing on Rear and Front Traction loss. This upcoming update is designed to enhance the realism of simulated driving.

    • SRS is actively working on integrating those enhancements with various hardware components, including motion rigs and shakers. Users can expect an improved, immersive racing experience as these enhancements rollout.

  • Cloud Profiles by F2 Drivers: Coming Soon ☁️

    • DAMS pilots will be creating and sharing cloud profiles. This feature will offer premium add-on users the ability to download their profiles and gain insights into the preferences and techniques of F2 drivers.

  • Shaping the Future of Sim Racing 🌐

    • With these upcoming enhancements, the collaboration between SRS and DAMS is poised to contribute to the evolution of sim racing, offering a refined experience for virtual racing enthusiasts.


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