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Troubleshooting Joystick Shortcuts

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Issue: My joystick buttons aren't controlling the shortcut assignments as programmed Solution: This can occur if the joystick has a button that is always "on". This can be verified in the Windows Game Controllers tester as seen below.

It might be also another joystick with the same behaviour, not only the joystick you programmed as a shortcut.

If this occurs, the joystick buttons selected to control Sim Racing Studio will not function. To fix this issue, there are a couple options:

1) Check the joystick buttons to see if the button switch can be deactivated or is set incorrectly to the ON position. This can occur for switches on advanced throttles like the Vipril MongoosT-50CM2 . You can verify the offending button by utilizing the Virpil VPC Joystick Tester software.

2) If a joystick that is not intended for use for controlling Sim Racing Studio has this issue, you can deactivate it in the Sim Racing Studio config.ini file. To do so, go to the default location which is usually This PC > Documents > SimRacingStudio 2.0 and open the config.ini file. Look for the entry called ignore_joysticks = "" in the [SHORTCUTS] section. Remove the "" and enter the name of the joystick EXACTLY as it appears in the Buttonbox drop down menu. For example, to disable a Virpil Throttle, you would enter: ignore_joysticks = VPC Throttle MT-50 CM2

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