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As of Beta v2.17.0.26, SRS has implemented UDP PORT FWD feature.

Some games uses UDP to send data for apps. You already know you can configure the port where SRS is listening to the app. See this article.

Unfortunately, many UDP games can only connect directly to 1 app. Hence, SRS UDP FWD will allow you to use SRS to receive the data direct from the game and FWD the data to another UDP port. Like that, many other apps can also receive the game data and work concurrently with SRS.

Here is how you do it:


2) Search the game you need to forward

3) Select the GEAR icon

4) Choose the port you want to FWD in the Port FWD section (note that IP is your local PC. This assumes the other app will be running on same PC and listening to theport you have chosem. 30003 in our example. If you want to fwd to an app in another PC in your network, enter the IP of that PC and ensure your PCs can see each other)

5) Click on ADD

6) Click on Confirm

Repeat steps 5 and 6 if you want to FWD to multiple IP/Ports at the same time.

7) Click on SAVE (near PROFILE IN USE box)

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