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Visual Flag System by

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Sim Racing Studio is glad to announce a new partnership.

We will soon be supporting Visual Flag System (VFS) hardware by

We will be providing countdown, racing flags and spotter indicators and we will also double as a GEAR / SLI visual display.

It will work with iRacing (as per original product) but SRS will also support a lot more games.

Click this link to see a list of games and effects that are supported.

What is the Visual Flag System (VFS)?

When you are behind the wheel, your eyes are looking down the race track or maybe even in the rear or side mirrors. You may not notice or even hear when the caution comes out, when your car is damaged if you get blacked flagged or even notice that car beside you, YES.. Visual Flag System will point to the sides and tell you where that car is. It just makes racing more real and can help you become a better driver.

PS. a lifetime Visual Flag System license will be required to operate VFS with SRS

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