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Wheel Slip and Lock effects

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

SRS special effects for Motion, Sim3D and Shake

Available as of Beta v2.24.0.1 or above

You will be able to feel on your motion or multidimensional shakers each individual wheel Slip or Lock in the following Games:

  • AC

  • ACC

  • Pcars 1 (PC only)

  • Pcars 2 (PC Only)

  • AMS2

  • F1 2018

  • F1 2019

  • F1 2020

  • Forza Horizon 4

  • Forza Motosports 7

  • KartKraft

  • iRacing

  • Actc,

  • Arca

  • AMS1

  • Ftrucks2013

  • Gsc2012

  • Marcas

  • RF1

  • RF2

Q: How about other games such as Dirt Rally, RRE and others?

A: We analyzed thousands of telemetry data from multiple cars on the games above. Unfortunately, either the variable doesn't exist or the data came empty or data was not consistent enough to apply our formula. Hence, unless game developer changes telemetry, we won't be able to support this feature for other games.

Q: What is the difference between traction loss and Wheel Slip / Lock

A: Traction loss activates when the back of the car is losing control and rotating. Wheel Slip happens when tires spins with no traction (independent if the car is rotating or complete stand still). Wheel lock happens when car is moving but tires are not moving (locked).



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