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  • Try the following in this order:

    1. Check Game instructions on download page to ensure game is properly setup

    2. If your intellibox keeps connecting and reconnecting a;ll the time, please
      Restart the SRS App (Close SRS App by right-clicking on the icon on the windows tray). Check BLOG below for more details.

    3. If you are getting the error "Failed to execute script main": Check this BLOG article.

    4. If you are getting this error "simracinstudio.exe not valid win32 application Win 10: unable to start 0xc000007b"

      Try to re-install C++ redistributable. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=14632.

    5. Go to windows "Device Manager". If you see an "!" under other devices

      Follow the instructions here.

    6. If iRacing does not work, please set irsdkLog360Hz=0 in app.ini 

    7. Trouble with any Codemasters game? Click here for a possible solution

    8. If any of the steps above does not fix your issue, please report a bug by clicking here.

SRS App Troubleshooting

  • If you don't own our SRS Shakebox, you can just purchase a license and use your own hardware.

  • For instructions on how to setup your hardware for Bass Shakers. Click here

  • For instructions on how to setup your SRS SHAKEKIT. Click here

  • ​If Bass Shakers not vibrating, ensure windows sound card is set to 5.1 and test the shakers via windows first before configuring SRS.​​​

Vibration and Bass Shakers

Power Wind Troubleshooting

  • You will receive a pop up notification if the SRS App has a new version.

  • Once you install the new version (no need to uninstall any previous version), it will also automatically update the Intellibox firmware (if needed).

  • If you have issue running or installing new version, please delete config.ini and try again.

  • Just Plug-and-Race.

SRS App and Intellibox firmware updates

  • Make sure SRS App is running in the background. Usually it starts automatically when you turn on the PC.

  • SRS accessories automatically turns on when connected to the Intellibox and a game is running.

  • SRS App is pre-configured with default parameters for each game in order to optimize experience.

  • Once you start a new game, new car or new track, the SRS App combined with the Intellibox Smart AI uses the first lap to collect telemetry and enhance the default settings automatically.

  • The SRS App continues to collect telemetry throughout the game to self-tune and optimize all parameters.

  • SRS power wind and tach auto shut off after 1 minute of inactivity (if no running games).

What to expect during game play:

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