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Change Log

V2.33.0.14 - Jun 15 2024

New Game Support:
- F1 24

New Features:
- Enhanced UShake6 Profile added in the Hardware -> Setup page.
- Motion: Major enhancement on gear smoothing effect (Set slider between 90 to 95 range)
- Surge smoothing: fixed for all non-racing games
- Improved F1 24 connectivity

V2.31.17 - Mar 4 2024

New Game Support: 

- Le Mans Ultimate

V2.31.2 - Dec 8 2023

New Game Support: 

- EA Sports WRC 2023

V2.30.0 - Oct 22


  - Bug Fixes

V2.29.15 - Oct 8 2023

New Game Support: 

- Forza Motorsport

New Features: 

- Improved Yaw2 return to center movement


  - Fixes a bug when clicking on the helmet (Download profile)
  - Fixes OpenVR install link

V2.29.4 - Jul 3 2023

New Game Support: 

- F1 23  

New Features: 

- Improved notifications for sound card settings
- Ability to Auto Configure and Fix sound card settings (5.1 and default)
- Add turbulence and touchdown for fsx, fs2020, p3d
- add battery level to magicwheel
- Bug when importing profile

V2.28.0.0 - Apr 26 2023

New Features:
-  OpenXR Motion Compensation Support

-  Routines added for 3rd party app profiles (Experimental)
  - Bug when importing profile

V2.27.0.0 - Feb 15 2023

New Features:
-  Wind: New Effect - Eject Button
- Removed Chrome/Edge dependency
- On/Off Shortcut for the Center Fan
  - WRC Generations Lag
  - Center Fan Test Button
  - Updated HapticR Belt Driver
New Game Support:
  - GT7 - PS4 and PS5  (Experimental)
  - GT - Sport PS4 and PS5  (Experimental)

V2.26.4.0 - Dec 8 2022

New game(s):

   - WRC Generations (Pitch disabled)

   - Support for PT HapticR hardware
   - iFLag test button added
   - Instructions for WRC Generations
   - NL2 Anti-Roll motion improvements
   - Many UI Improvements and update background pictures
   - RRE pause telemetry in the menus

Bug Fixes:

   - Win11 new installation stuck on "Loading"
   - PT HapticR driver install
   - Prosimu SV Models with 5 Motors - Reduced speed of actuators while loading or exiting game.

V2.25.2.0 - Oct 8 2022

New game(s):

   - Warplanes: Battles over Pacific
   - Warplanes: WW1 Fighters
   - Fly Dangerous


   - New Beta and other Major ALERTS now appear in-app

V2.24.27.0 - Sep 15 2022

New game(s):

   - XPLANE 12


   - Support for Porsche Mission R in iRacing

Bug Fixes:

   - CPU utilization fix

   - Prosimu slow parking bug fixed

V2.24.24.2 - Sep 5 2022

Bug Fix:

   - Reduce CPU consumption

V2.24.23.0 - Sep 1 2022

New game(s):

   - Farming Simulator 22
   - Farming Simulator 19
   - Flashout 3


   - Ability to Disable AUTO SEARCH COM ports for hardware (SETUP -> Hardware page).
   - Ability to manually select COM ports for hardware (SETUP -> Hardware page).
   - Support for Prosimu SV models
   - Allow to mirror iFlag position
   - Intellibox firmware upgrade

Bug Fixes:

   - F1 22 support for multiplayer
   - fixed SteamVR not found issue
   - fixed game not found issue 

V2.24.0.20 - July 14 2022

New game

   - Vector 36

   - Fresh install "Restore to factory defaults" in SRS -> Setup -> App page
   - Improved game configuration automation

   - Support for iFlag hardware (requires firmware upgrade)

Bug Fixes

   - F1 22 port fwd
   - F2 and Supercars telemetry was not been captured
   - VRacer Fixed Roll and Pitch

V2.24.0.15 - July 5 2022

New game

   - F1 2022


   - Wheel Slip and Lock effects for iRacing, AMS1, RF1, RF2 and many more (Shake, Motion and SIM3D)
   - Elite Dangerous update (
   - Ability to disable the splash screen

Bug Fixes

   - Thanos not connecting when COM port hard coded in config.ini (

V2.23.0.14 - May 7 2022


   - Improved SIM3D connectivity
   - Lowered UShake6 CE/Engine default for new installations

V2.23.0.11 - Apr 22 2022

   - Support for SIM3D Pedals and Seat
   - Enhanced License page

V2.22.1.0 - Mar 7 2022

Bug Fix
  - Fixed Telemetry capture for AMS2 after the latest game patch

V2.22.0.12 - Mar 3 2022

New game
  - Grid Legends

  - Enhanced Engine Rumble
  - improved antivirus and firewall error message
  - Improve sound card recognition when exiting WMR
  - Improved TensionR connectivity
  - Support for Yaw2 platforms
  - Added support for 8th actuator (Belt) for Thanos4U controller

V2.21.0.7 - Feb 3 2022

    - Support for OBD2HUD Emulator
    - Separated instructions for PC and Console (Games page)

    - TensionR driver updated to latest version

Bug Fixes

    - Fixed a bug affecting shakers channel volume on setup page
    - FIxed telemetry capturing for AMS2 latest update

V2.20.0.8 - Jan 10 2022

   - "Auto Smoothing at low speed". This will improve pit stop and restart rough movement.

         Turn ON in SETUP -> Hardware page
         Default is off.

    - Major...really major improvement in GEAR SMOOTHING formula. Applicable for all motion platforms.
         But just in case you do not like it, you can set variable "enable_legacy_gear_smoothing = no" to yes in SRS config.ini
   - Motion platform moves slower when changing sliders in TEST MODE
   - Improved Surge tuning capabilities. You can now enter and save separate Max Telemetry values for Surge Accel and Decel

Bug Fixes
   - Fixed a bug affecting dedicated Surge and Sway actuators for PT/Thanos.
       Bug happened only if REVERSE FLAG was on. Bug was causing some stroke limitation and jerkiness    

V2.19.0.17 - Dec 18 2021

New game
   - Aces High III

   - Added Heave effect for Active Belt Tensioner
   - Enhanced Motion Compensation Surge formula. Now it considers displacement of your dedicated horizontal actuator (Thanos/PT only)
   - Improved AMS2/PCARS2 telemetry capturing
   - Improved iRacing telemetry capturing
   - Improved connetcivity to Prosimu with SCN6 Dyadic actuators
   - Improved reliability of cloud backup
   - Improved notifications for licensing messages
   - Improved PT Active Belt initialization/calibration


Bug Fixes
   - Fixed a bug that could cause a reset of wind speed factor slider to 0 instead of saved value in DB

V2.18.0.14 - Nov 6 2021

New game
   - Forza Horizon 5

   - Support for PT Active Belt
   - Support for Thanos4U controller
   - Added Audio notifications.
   - Added BLOG results to universal search
   - Enhanced PCARS1 heave and sway telemetry

Bug Fixes
   - Fixed a game recognition issue if games are on multiple steam libraries on same PC
   - Fixed UDP Port Fwd for a few games

V2.17.0.26 - Sep 14 2021

New game
   - The Bus

   - UDP Port Fwd (
   - Support for SRS/PT Active Belt tensioner

V2.17.0.25 - Aug 27 2021

   - Remember manufacturer / model for motion after a SRS "fresh install" procedure
   - ABS Shake and Motion Effects

   - Fixed a connectivity issue when selecting Thanos as manufacturer

   - Fixed a bug invoking motion and shake shortcut programming screen

V2.17.0.8 - Aug 4 2021

   - DCS: Added Engine Haptics (Shake and Motion) for 25 new aircrafts
   - F1 2021: Added logic to reduce annoying bad telemetry when in pause menus
   - Improve hardware recognition: Added "Missing drivers" notification and installation

Bug Fixes
   - Fix a bug that could hang app when importing a specific shake profile

V2.16.0.6 - July 13 2021

New Game   

    - F1 2021.         

   - Smooth Start, Stop, Pause and Exit.         
         When you pause a game or go back to game, platform will not jump quickly.

    - RF2: improved vehicle name profiles.
         For example, BMW M1 #23 and BMW M1 #7 are both saved as BMW M1.
         No longer need to save same tuning for multiple car #s 
   - Enhanced notification for read only folder and files in "documents/simracingstudio 2.0"
   - DCS: improved logic for canopy and other telemetry effects
   - Universal Search

Bug Fixes
   - Fix a bug that could freeze the app (loading) when using windows languages with special characters 

V2.15.0.9 - June 20 2021

          Fix a motion bug in DCS introduced in


  - Cloud tune sharing and import

  - Cloud Backup and Restore
  - Engine Haptics for motion platform
  - Enhanced YAW effect for systems with a Front "TL" actuator
  - Added Search Box in Games page and Profile Manager
  - Support for GRB LED Strips

V2.14.0.12 - May 27 2021

New game


- Elite Dangerous Odyssey exp pack (Experimental)

- AC for PS4


- Enhanced Intellitune methodology for sliders and smoothing values
- Intellitune Strength (Soft / Medium / Aggressive) can be changed without capturing data again

Profile Management
- Ability to export profiles (.srs file) with track name
- Ability to EXPORT ALL profiles at once 

 - More info:

- Added wheel slip and rumble effects for KartKraft
- Changed DCS lua file/folder installation to reduce conflict with other apps
- Open app in main center monitor if out of screen
- Improve "UDP port in use by another app" notification for some games

Bug Fixes

- Flight sims: Roll rate and Pitch rate: max telemetry was not reading from DB and using roll angle


V - May 5 2021

- New games
      * Falcon BMS
      * F1 2012
      * F1 2013
      * Red rover
      * Xplane 10

- New effects for Motion and Shakers
      * Afterburner
      * Cannon firing
      * Landing gear
      * Canopy
      * Missile launch

- Bug fixes
      * Fix traction loss for BeamNG
      * Fix yaw rate and roll rate telemetry FSX, MS FS 2020 and P3D
      * Other small fixes

V - Apr 22 2021


         New features / Enhancements:
               - Premium Shaking features

               - Support for SpaceMonkey telemetry (Wreckfest, Dirt5, WRC, VTOL VR, and many mor games)

               - Improved joystick shortcuts recognition

               - Bug fixes

V 2.11.1 - Apr 2 2021


         New features / Enhancements:
               - Added Motion Compensation capability (Experimental / Alpha)

               - Changed connectivty mechanism for Prosimu SCN6 actuators (dyadic)
               - Moved Games and Telemetry pages to its own menu on top(Games)
               - Re-arranged Setup pages order
               - Added support for additional RRE vehicules
               - Proactive notification to help setup games and hardware
               - Bug fixes

V - Feb 4 2021


         New games:

                1. Trackmania 2
                2. Trackmania Turbo


         New features / Enhancements:
               1. Improved User Interface Spacing on the "Profile in Use" and " Hardware Status" boxes.
               2. Remember exact position and monitor were you saved last. So when you re open, no need to move SRS back in place

V2.9.0.7 - Jan 24 2021

New Features: 

- Intellitune Wizard (motion) 

- New game: Dirt Showdown

- Fix a bug with Joystick functionality (introduced with

V2.8.0.10 - Jan 8 2021

New Features: 

- Rumble Strip special effect (motion) 

- Hyperstorm game
- Create shortcuts for motion and shake tuning sliders
- Clip game telemetry based on a factor of your max telemetry
- Improved License activation routine

- Added Prosimu T1000 Aluminium Profile

- Ability to export all telemetry to CSV (about 20 data points per second)

- Added Pro-tune profiles (total is over 160 now)

- UI Improvements

V2.7.0.7 - Dec 13 2020

New Features: 
  Export / import profiles
  Wheel slip effect for motion and shakers
  On/off effect switch for motion and shakers
  Export telemetry snapshot to csv
  Change UDP game telemetry port within the app games page

New Games:
  Torque Drift (SRS exclusive)
  Tourist bus
  Russian Drift Series

   Slow up and down startup for PRS200 models


Dof reality:
   Alert if missing DOFReality drivers

   Spike filter calculator for MDBOX with higher thresholds
   Support to belt tensioner

Other bug fixes

V2.6.2.8 - Nov 19 2020


New Games

 - Fernbus

 - Tourist Bus

 - Torque Drift

- Fixed a bug on Thanos Spike filter

          - Fixed a bug with Import / Export Functionality 

V2.6.1 - Nov 11 2020        


           - Ability to Export and Import Tuning Profiles (

V2.6.0.2 - Nov 7 2020
          - Fix a bug with Alpha-Numeric Input Boxes

V2.6 - Nov 7 2020

- Major improvement on motion platform smoothness.
  New feature: Smoothing on telemetry input (Pitch, Roll, Yaw, Surge, Sway and TL).   
- Joystick and keyboard shortcut to start/stop telemetry capturing
- Fixed arrows up/down behaviour on text boxes. 
- Improved AMS2 telemetry connect and disconnect
- Improved telemetry for Euro / American Truck 2
- Support for IL2 non steam version
- YawVR vibration support
- Support for PT-Actuators / Thanos motion platforms
- Added and enhanced over 30 pro-tunings

V2.5 - Sep 12 2020


   - SRS Mobile Companion. Access SRS UI from any PC, phone or tablet in your network. Premium Subscription required

   - Responsive UI. You can make SRS UI very small on your PC and still access all features.

   - Added Pitch and roll angle for IL2.

   - Added Aircraft name and RPM for P3D.

   - Improved performance of Xplane 11 and War Thunder telemetry.

   -  Added over 30 new Pro Tuned profiles for many games and vehicles.


   -  Fixed Yaw for War Thunder.

Yaw VR:
   - Added support 360 degrees rotation.

   - Added support to multiple YawVR in the same network.

   - Improved connectivity.

Known issue:

   - Dropdown might work erratically on some iOS devices

V2.4 - Aug 29 2020


   - Pro tuned profile import feature (Premium Subscription required). Initial set of PRO TUNED profiles included.

   - Improved F1 2020 and FS 2020 Sway telemetry

   - Added Aircraft names for DCS and Xplane. Now you can save separate profiles for each aircraft

   - Improved GTA V telemetry

   - F1 2020 now is working for PS4

   - Improved windows resizing 

Yaw VR:
   - Ability to change UDP port

   - Fixed centering bug

V2.301 - Aug 18 2020


New Games
   - Project cars 3
   - Add support to FS 2020 steam and Xbox versions

   - Gear Smoothing Factor. 

          Now you can reduce the nasty gear change surge effect in games such as AC, ACC, Pcars series and more...
   - Add aircraft name to FSX, FS 2020 and DCS. Now you can setup individual profiles by aircraft
   - Keep Window size for users using zoom

   - Bug fix super size of config db

   - MS FS 2020 Steam not been recognized  bug fixed

   - Now works with PRS200 upgraded models


Yaw VR:
   - Add YawVR branding
   - Add VR autopark (optional)
   - Add Alert (optional) to center the platform before playing

V2.2 - Aug 9 2020

- YawVR support (no vibration nor LEDs yet)

- Major improvement on ED telemetry capturing and motion effects.

- Separate ED profiles for SRV and Ships. Now you can modify and save separate profiles for each type of craft.

- ED has been tuned by a SRS PRO Tuner (Jeff Weaver). We had updated your motion profiles with it

- Smooth start and parking for Prosimu PRS200 models

- Enhanced Epic Roller Coaster connectivity and instructions

- Improved Joystick shortcut recognition and programming

- Start/Stop Motion test button added

V2.1.5 - July 22 2020

- Profile Manager. Now you can manage profiles without loading a game/vehicle. Click here for details

- Native implementation of Epic Roller Coaster telemetry for Oculus Quest

- Fix a bug on LED

- Improved user interface browser compatibility

We have lowered your boost to 35 for all games/vehicles.

V2.1.4 - July 18 2020

- Added support for Prosimu T1000 2M and 3M Dyadic motion platforms. You can buy license here

- Enhanced Smoothing and boost  (motion platforms)

- Improved joystick recognition for some devices like logitech wheels/pedals

- Improved shortcut recognition to toggle Auto/On/Off modes

- Fixed a bug that could cause lag in a game if the profiles database has a large number of vehicles

- Minor bug fixes

V2.1.3 - July 6 2020

Added Speed / Wind for vracer hoverbike

Better recognizes Joystick Axis (Joystick setup)


New Games supported (via telemetry)

  • F1 2020

  • FSX 2020

Minor bug fixes

V2.1.2 - June 30 2020

  • Advanced shaker settings is back on V2. Learn more.

  • Ability to duplicate a joystick profile

  • 90 days free trial for Optional Premium Subscription

  • New Games supported (via telemetry)

    • Aerofly FS2

    • V-Racer  Hoverbike

    • GTA 5 (Experimental)

  • Minor bug fixes

V2.1.0 - June 24 2020


  • Joystick functionality - Now you can control Motion, Shake, Wind, Tach and LED for ANY GAME or VIDEO using any windows controllers (Joysticks, gamepads, wheels, pedals, HOTAS, rudders, etc…) to simulate telemetry. This is a premium functionality and requires a yearly subscription. Free Trial available.

  • Ability to adjust any SRS slider with keyboard arrows

  • New Games supported (via telemetry)

    • RBR Next Generation Physics Mod

    • The Crew 1

    • The Crew 2

  • Bug fixes

    • Sound card dropdown selector fix

    • DCS telemetry could stop working for certain planes

    • Better recognition of Automobilista 2 game

    • Improved browser compatibility

    • Improved RRE suspension telemetry for shakers

    • Improved DOFReality automatic connectivity

V2.0.3 - Jun 2 2020

  * Better support for Firefox, Opera, Edge, Chrome and Edge Chromium

  * Ability to select default browser for SRS  (SETUP-> APP page)

  * Opens quicker

  * War Thunder telemetry fixed

  * Improved auto-recognition of Motion platform COM PORT

V2 Major Enhancements

  * Brand new user interface
* New game support :P3D v5
* Select color for the LEDs when in ALWAYS ON mode
* Select # of Fans/Blowers 
* Select Unit of measurement (kph or mph)
* Hardware Status and mode (Auto/Always On/ Off) added to Status box 
* Vehicle profile auto save and load ( in italic means no vehicle profile is saved)
* License indicator in Hardware Status box (right of screen)
* Telemetry screen in setup section
* Added warning if you try to tune while in stand by mode (you can deactivate it) 

  * Missing feature from V1: Advanced Shaker profiles. You can use the ones created in V1, but not yet create new ones.

V51.3 - Apr 26 2020

Bug Fixes

* Updated components to Improve stability

V51.1 - Mar 2020

New game support:

* Automobilista 2

New Features:
* Ability to ignore a specific joystick when programming (config.ini file)

* Added shortcut to Tuning forum (Motion tab)

* Added shortcut to Manual Game Config Instructions (Games tab)

* Added a Splash Screen when app starts

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug that could make the app crash

* Fixed Wind Curving formula

* Automated detection and  recovery of config parameters (ini and DB)

* Corrected direction of F1 2019 Traction Loss 

V50 - Feb 23 2020

New Features:
* Major improvement on DOF Reality Smoothness (Reaction Speed feature)

* Now clicking on "x" will exit SRS app instead of minimizing to system tray

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a procedure that caused SRS to crash

* Fixed a bug on the Shakers VOLUME sliders 

* Fixed Dirt Rally erratic behaviour at game start (motion)

* Fixed automatic identification of Condor 2

V49 - Feb 2020

New Features:
* Major improvement for many flight games Pitch and Roll.

      - Ability to select Angle or Rate for both Pitch and Roll motion effects.

      - If you select "Rate", when you release the yoke, platform will return to level position

        Please tune the max telemetry and sliders to ensure you get a smooth leveling.

        Depending on game and play, leveling is smooth or more abrupt.

     - Supported games with this new feature: Warthunder, P3D, FSX, Silent Wing, Condor, DCS, Xplane 11

* Added Yaw effects for FSX and DCS. Now you can use and tune those effects in the motion tab.

     - Please check GAMES tab DCS game to see if CONFIG is required

New game support:
* Epic Roller Coaster

Bug Fixes

* Fixed some small bugs

V48 - Jan  19 2020

New Features:
* Traction Loss effect for shakers (configurable by game and vehicle)

* Ability to revert roll, pitch and yaw axis for Xplane11 (config.ini)

New game support:
* BeamNG

Bug Fixes

* Fixed an issue that could crash SRS in a few PCs/Games when starting or quitting game.

* Fixed ED telemetry (Jan 15 ED release broke it)

V47 - Dec 9 2019

New Features:
* LED Strip support

* Moved Sound Shift to Config (Global variable instead of by game)

* New Intellibox firmware (quicker, support for LED strip)

New game support:
* MS Flight Sim X (10)

* Silent Wings

Bug Fixes

* Fixed Forza and Grid telemetry

* Fixed an issue that could crash SRS when VR /Game starts

* Fixed a bug on Shake Tuning sliders that was not synchronizing or making effect

* Fixed screen resolution for 4k displays

* Some other small bugs

V46 - Oct 26 2019

New Features:
* BOOST. Feel all the small effects variations like road texture and curbs in your DOFReality platform

New game support:
* MS Flight Sim X (10)

* Fly Inside

Bug Fixes

* Fixed / Improved AUTO GAME Connectivity for some games

* Some other small bugs that could crash SRS for rare occasions

V45 - Oct 14 2019

New Features:
* Ability to set game manually. Please see BLOG for details.

* Indication if SRS is receiving telemetry from game-> (T) near the game name if receiving telemetry.

* Full support for Console Games (Pcars and Pcars 2 via UDP). See details here


New game support:
* Grid 2019

* IL-2 Sturmovik

* Touring Karts (Wind + limited motion)

* Updated ED xml file

* Pcars and Pcars2 for Console

V44.2 Sep 28 2019

Bug Fixes:

* Project Cars Pro listener fix

* Fan speed (AWAYS ON MODE) resetting to 100 when manually changing using keyboard, button box or joystick

* User created custom Shaker Profiles were not saving

V44.1 - Sep 27 2019

New Features:
* Ability to SAVE individual profiles for Game / Vehicle  (Wind, Motion and Shake). Please see BLOG for details.

* Automatic load profile per game and vehicles (Wind, Motion and Shake).

* Create profile for individual game instead of game series (i.e DIrt Rally 2 is separate from Dirt 3, etc...)

* Moved many hidden variables from config to user interface

* Much quicker game recognition

* Improved Motion Speed and sync between game telemetry and DOF Hardware

* Ability to turn off start with windows (Help tab)

New Effects / Game Optimizations:

* Enhanced motion effects and sync for all platforms. Please see Blog for more details.

* Enhanced Sway and Surge G forces for 6 DOF platform

* Stronger movements when testing motion platform

* Fixed Traction Loss on RRE


New game support:
* MX Bikes

V 43.2 - Aug 2 2019

  • Official support for DOF Reality 6 DOF motion platform

  • Improved connectivity for KartKraft

  • Fix WarThunder listener

  • Added all variables to SRS API

V43.1 - July 6 2019

  • Improve Heave (vertical force) effects for all game (dofrealiy motion)

V43 - June 30 2019

* Support for H6 and P6 (6DOF). Please contact DOFREALITY to get new firmware if it does not connect automatically.

* F1 2019 Game support (See GAMES tab to config)

* Prepar3D Game support (See GAMES tab to config)

* Bug fixes

V42 - June 15 2019

New Features:

* Ability to smooth DOF Platform movements (Motion Tab)

* Soften crash impact on motion movements
* Added labels to sliders


Game Optimizations:

 * Add War Thunder Motion Support
* Motion Anti Rollover protection for War Thunder
* Enhanced ED game connectivity
* Fixed Dirt 3 lag
* Fixed F1 2018 gear lag

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed license transfer bug to another PC

* Allow to enter lower case characters in license tab

V41 - June 1 2019

  • New Features:
      Automatic and simplified one click game configuration (check out in SRS app new GAME tab)
      Add option to define increment of the power wind max (config.ini)

  • New Effects / Game Optimizations:
      Add DCS Motion Support
      Motion Anti Rollover protection for Xplane and DCS
      Add configuration to ED (config.ini) to allow invert motion forces (roll, pitch , yaw)
      Add traction loss and shift light indicator to Kartkraft
      Optmized iRacing SWAY (Lateral G forces for Motion)

  • New game support:
      ARCA Simracing 
      Dirt 2
      Dirt 3 
      F1 2013 
      F1 2014
      Grid 2 
      Simulador Turismo Carretera
      Volvo the Game

  • Bugs fixes and other improvements:
      Sometimes app would listen forza, even if not running
      Improved connectivity to DOF Reality motion platform
      Reduced CPU consumption while looking for games running
      Other minor bugs

V40 - May 18 2019

  • Elite Dangerous support

V39.1 - May 15 2019

  • Fixed a bug with Dirt Rally 2 connectivity

V39 - May 9 2019

  • Support for the following games:

  • KartKraft​

  • GTR2

  • GTR

  • GT Legends

  • Race 07

  • Race Injection

  • Race - WTCC Game

  • Some minor bug fixes

V38 - May 2 2019

  • Support for DOF Reality Motion Platform 2 and 3 DOF

  • CCD Enterprise: New Game Support

  • AC: New effect lateral/vertical velocity

  • Dirt: New effect Vertical Acceleration

  • LFS: Lateral Acceleration improved formula

  • NL2: Gforce improved formula

  • ETS/ATS: Fixed bug causing to crash

  • XPlane: Fix FPS deterioration bug

V37 - April 21 2019

  • Support for Forza Horizon 4

  • Fix a bug that does not remember install folder when different than default

V36.2 - April 11 2019

  • Fix a bug that was not saving settings when exiting the app

V36.1 - April 7 2019

  • Fix telemetry for RF1, AMS and RR3 games

  • Fixed a bug that will crash the App on IR if you spin

  • Auto-Update SRS Software for future releases. If a new version is available, you can just click a button.
    No need to manually download and install in the future

  • Fix WMR bug that stops shaking when WMR is open or closed while SRS app is open

  • Live tuning sliders have more precision.
    For example, can go to 3 -> 3.5 ->4 instead 3->4 in previous version


V35 - Mar 15 2019


  • Support for Game LIVE FOR SPEED (see cfg.txt configs on download page


V34 - Mar 14 2019


  • Support for Blowers


V33.2 - Mar 4 2019


  • Fixed suspension shaking for AC and ACC (It was too loud)



V33 - Feb 21 2019


  • Support for MotoGP 2018 game

  • Ability to program SRS shortcuts to Joystick.

  • Now you can control how much wind curving you want. The higher the value, bigger difference on left and right wind speeds.

  • Improved Automatic Game configuration (See help tab). No need to manually copy DLL or change hard to find variables in ini files. We will do that for you with a press of a button

  • Pause fan and shaking when not playing. iRacing, AC, ACC, PCARS and PCARS2, RRE, RF2 only.

  • Renamed SRS profiles: SRS Shakebox Elite -> SRS Shakebox Elite+Sub+Center SRS Shakekit -> SRS Shakekit or SRS Shakebox Elite

  • Ability to Map SRS shortcut commands to a Joystick button (not functional on pre release)

Fixed bugs: 

  • "Failed to Execute script main" bug on first install to be eliminated

  • Other minor bugs to improve the experience by eliminating shaking/humming noises in iRacing garage



V32- Feb 2 2019

  • Support for Richard Burns Rally (Wind Only)

  • Ability for developers add their own games via API (Wind Only for now)

  • Fixed bugs: 

    • Shake effects too weak

    • iRacing engine effect pausing when idle

    • Memory leak (consuming extra CPU)




V31- Jan 2019

  • Ability to select effect and volume of each shaking setting to each shaker

  • New look and feel.

  • Improve engine vibration at low RPM

  • Add "Skip Off" to config file (PowerWind)

  • Minimize Button

  • Fixed bugs: 

    • Shake effects not working when PowerWind set to Always On

    • ETS/AMS suspension and road effects



V30 .1- Dec 2 2018

  • Fixed iRacing initialization routine (Wind and Shakers will only start when car on track)

  • Fixed iRacing Rumble strips shaking

  • Fixed Live Shake Settings not updating while game running

  • Major improvements on Road Bump shaking effects for all games

  • F1 2018 new telemetry instead of legacy

  • Improved telemetry speed and FPS for most UDP games

  • Fixed some bugs



V29.1 - Nov 4 2018


* Support for DCS World (Wind and Shakers)

* Support for Kart Racing Pro

* Support for World Racing Series

* Support for GP Bike

* New shaking effect: Lateral G-Forces

* New license mechanism (easy to self manage and retrieve licenses)

* Ability to hard code Intellibox COM port on config.ini file

     (Fix conflicts with some DOF or other hardware / software)

* Dark Theme is now default (You can change on the config file)

* Other Bug fixing and small enhancements also included

* Note: 29.1 fixes a bug connecting with ETS2 and ATS



V28 - Sep 29 2018


  • New Feature: Shift Sound. Beep on your default sound card when reach SRS calculated shift point

    • You can turn this on /off on main tab (SAVE after changing status required)

  • PCARS2: Major improvements in Suspension and rumble vibrations

  • PCARS1: Major improvements in Suspension and rumble vibrations

  • RF2: Major improvements in Suspension and rumble vibrations

  • RF1 and games such as AMS: Major improvements in Suspension and vibrations

  • Forza7: Major improvements in Gear, Suspension and rumble vibrations.

  • Forza7: Gear now showing on SRS tach

  • Wind Curving: Smoother transition to left right power wind fans

  • Bug fixes:

    • ALWAYS ON FAN was conflicting with shakers

    • Improved sync of label and levers on live setting sliders

    • Remove need to start App after saving settings


V27 - Sep 9 2018


- Added 3D shaking effects for Acceleration and Deceleration. Lateral G-forces now affect which side you feel accel / decel.

- New Game: War Thunder (Fan support only for planes). Shaking and tanks are not supported (No Telemetry)

- New Game F1 2018


V26 - Aug 20 2018


- Fix a memory leak that could cause SRS or games to crash


V25 - Aug 18 2018


- New game support: Euro Truck Simulator 2

- New shaking effects:

  Acceleration and Deceleration.

  When you accelerate, the back shaker(s) vibrate and when you decelerate or break, front and pedal shaker(s) vibrates.

- Improved engine vibrations

- Improved impact vibrations

- Select behavior of app start and exit (new config variable that allows you to minimize or exit when click on the “x” and new config variable that allow to start SRS minimized)

- Fixed RF2 multiplayer telemetry

- A few UI and stability bug fixes



V24 - Jun 30 2018


- Support for Forza 7 game

- Improved iRacing Curb shaking by adding rumble telemetry to our formulas

- Fixed some bugs that sometimes would prevent SRS App to start


V23 - Jun 23 2018


- Drastically improved engine vibrations...drastically! you will really like it.  
- Added a fan speed acceleration variable and a visual graph to see impact of your choice.
- Submit a ticket from the SRS app (will attach automatically your log file) 
- Improved compatibility with GS4 and Z1 dashboards.
- RF2 telemetry changed from UDP to Shared Memory (Please see RF2 instructions to make it work with V23)

- Ability to select UDP ports for games that uses UDP telemetry. See instructions above under Supported Games.


V22 - Apr 29 2018


- New bass shakers effect: Impact. Be careful, this is so much fun you might hit other cars and walls on purpose. :-)

- Major Improvements on suspension and bump shaking effects  for all games

- Support for XPlane 11 (Wind and Shaking)

- Support for NoLimits 2 Roller Coaster (Wind and Shaking)

- Support for F1 2017 (Wind and Shaking)

- Known issue: test sliders might not stop vibrating until you change again. will be fixed on next release.


V21 - Apr 15 2018


- Improved tuning of road bump effects for all games

- Added Wind curving to all games supported

- Fixed a few UI bugs when configuring, testing and tuning the shakers

- Keyboard shortcuts are working again

- Added support for the following games: 

  • RFactor 1™






V20 - Apr 6 2018


- Fixed issue with PCARS2 (SDK updated).

- Eliminated lag in Wind, Tach and SLI on AC, RRE and improved the performance in all other games.

- App now show up when you start. NO need to "Restore" from system tray.


V19 - Apr 1 2018


- Support for bass shakers (ShakeSeat or 3rd party hardware)

- Improved UI

- Improved Shift Light logic for more precision shifting

- Fixed keyboard shortcuts

- Fixed some compatibility with other telemetry apps

- Fixed Pcars2 shared memory API



V18 - Feb 4 2018


- Improved Wind Curving for iRacing (now supports Dirt and Rally Cross) 
- Added Wind Curving for RF2, Pcars, Pcars 2 and Assetto Corsa 

- Added support for Race Room Experience (no wind curving)

- Optimized game immersion by tweaking some default values for the AI.
      If you manually changed any value on the CONFIG.INI file,
      PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP before installing v18 so you can remember the values

      You will need to re enter manually those values (if you want)
- Fixed a few bugs (i.e. max fan % text box not working in v17)



V17 - Jan 21 2018


- PCars2 Native integration (supports pcars2 SDK allowing to use simvibe and other gadgets simultaneously)

- RFactor2 integration (See instructions above)

- Ability to turn on/off and control Fan speed without any game connected.

- Ability to use keyboard shortcuts to turn on/off Fan and also Increase/Reduce Max Speed.

- Improvements on Wind Curving logic


V16 - Jan 4 2018


- "Wind Curving" feature (iRacing only). Fan speed not only based on car speed, but also on direction and angle.

- Improved wind speed curve to be more aggressive and less linear. Now you can feel wind acceleration at high speeds.

- New: Settings tab on SRS App.

- Ability to turn wind curving on or off (Settings tab)

- Ability to Dim Tach shift light (Settings tab)

- Ability to set Max Fan RPM (if you feel wind is too strong. Settings tab)

- Fixed bug that caused issue when computer rebooted

- Some bug fixes and other minor enhancements

V15 - Dec 14 2017


- Fixed to work with new iRacing build (Patch 2).

- Ability to Dim Tach shift light (Config File)

- Ability to set Max Fan RPM (if you feel wind is too strong. Config File)

- Some bug fixes and other minor enhancements


V14 - Dec 5 2017


- Fixed to work with new iRacing build (2018 season 1).


V13 - Nov 23 2017


- Eliminated EMF fan noise.

- Support for Project Cars 2


V12 - Nov 19 2017

- UI Improvements
- Automatic update of Intellibox firmware
- Added variables to config file
- Enhancements to log file
- Add pop up notification when there is a new version
- Fix the issue that did not allow to close the app
- Implement a feature to update the config file and do not overwrite the user modified values
- Fix issue with the max default speed variable not working
- Improve AI to capture max rpm on iracing per gear (shift light now works based on gear perc shift light)
- Reset max speed variable when move from game A to B

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