Base License vs Premium Subscription

Updated: 2 days ago

As of June 24 2020, SRS has introduced an OPTIONAL Premium Subscription to help support development.

Here is what you need to know about SRS licensing


  • Required for Shake and Motion Hardware (Included with the purchase of any Shake kits or Motion platforms)

  • Not required for Wind

  • LIFETIME license

  • Works with all games (telemetry based).

  • Immediate access to new and classic games implemented in the future.

  • Will continue to be supported and enhanced on our frequent releases.


Give you access for many Premium functionality such as:

  1. Joystick telemetry maker

  2. Pro tune profile download

  3. SRS Intellitune Wizard (Motion)

  4. Mobile companion feature

  5. more coming soon

  6. Gives you premium support (skip the line) access to our customer service and engineering team

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