Free when purchased in conjuction with SRS Shaking hardware.


*** DOWNLOAD the FREE TRIAL here *** (Shakers Only. No Motion)


Shakers Free trial works for 3 minutes per session and stops shaking automatically. Unlimited number of sessions. so try it as much as you want. 


If you want to add vibration to your sim racing / flying experience, you need 4 components


1) a software that creates vibration sound waves (this product)

2) a dedicated sound card (Either USB external or Integrated)

3) 1 or more amplifiers

4) 1 to 6 bass shakers


If you already have the items 2, 3 and 4 above or if you already own a BUTTKICKER GAMER 2, our SRS software license is perfect for you. Please see installation instructions here


If you need to buy hardware (amps and bass shakers), we reccomend Smoke-Tronics.


If you are looking for a complete Plug-And-Race Solution, see our Shakekit here

Click here for instructions on how to connect your hardware to your PC.


VERY LOW CPU USAGE ! No impact on your game FPS.


Simply configure the sound card and the number of shakers you installed. 

Optionally, you can set volume of each shaker for comfort purposes. 


SRS bass shaking software already optimized your immersion for the following telemetries.


  1. Engine rumble
  2. Gear change
  3. Road Texture / Heave
  4. Suspension movement (Independent 4-way)
  5. Impact
  6. Acceleration / Surge
  7. Deceleration / Surge
  8. G Forces (Sway)
  9. Traction Loss


Shakers tuning guide:

We also support DOF Reality 2, 3 and 6 DOF motion platforms (for most of the games) with the following effects:


  1. Pitch
  2. Roll
  3. Yaw
  4. Sway (Lateral G)
  5. Surge (Longitudinal G)
  6. Heave (Vertical G)
  7. Traction Loss



SRS License for Bass Shaker and DOF Reality Motion Platform


Can your software be used to drive a BUTTKICKER?

Yes. Our software can be used to enhance buttkicker experience. Instead of using game sound that has lot of noise and interference, our software will send to buttkicker only telemetry information converted to optimal low frequency sounds

Instructions can be found here

Do I need extra hardware to use your software with BUTTKICKER?

May be. In order to send SRS telemetry sounds to the BUTTKICKER amplifier, you need to have a DEDICATED sound card to split game sound from SRS sounds. If you already have a built-in or external sound card not been used, you can connect the buttkicker to it. If not, you can acquire any internal or external sound card from online stores. We reccomend a 5.1 sound card as it can be expanded into a full multi-dimensional system in the future (additional hardware required).


What is the difference between using a BUTTKICKER as is or using your software to drive it?

BUTTKICKERS uses the sounds sent by the game and convert them to low frequency in order to create shake effects.

Our software is a lot more precise as it uses your own vehicle telemetry inputs and generate specific low frequency sound waves to the BUTTKICKER. It makes the effects multidimensional (if you have 2 or more buttkickers or shakers). It also capture effects that the game does not send as sound such as gear change and braking and convert those to sound waves.

For example, you can feel (with our software) a nice bump when you change gears. Gear changing, does not make sound, so it's not captured in a standard BUTTKICKER system. Adding our software will provide that effect.

If you have installed 4 buttkickers in your rig, you can also enjoy multidimensional effects. For example, when you go into a rumble strip on the right side, our software will only send sound waves to the right buttkickers and so on. It gives you a much better multi-dimensional shaking. In a standard BUTTKICKER implementation, it sends the same signal to all shakers.

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