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How to use a ButtKicker Gamer 2 with SRS Software

Updated: May 7, 2020

This article explains how to connect a ButtKicker gamer 2 (BK2) to the PC and SRS software so you can use game telemetry instead of game sound to shake the ButtKicker.

NOTE: You must have a DEDICATED SOUND CARD for this method. Can't share the same sound card used for game sound.

Hardware steps

1) Connect the 3.5mm cable of your BK2 to the ORANGE output of your DEDICATED internal or external 5.1 or 7.1 sound card (Sub/Center). If you don't have a 5.1 sound card, connect to the front speakers. Not perfect but it can work almost as good. you will only lose a few shake that come from the rear suspension.

2) Set BK2 amp like picture below (Low filter = OFF, High Cut Off Frequency = 120, High Filter = Off). SRS uses our own special low frequency sounds and the BK2 amp should not change it in order to get the best experience.

Software steps:

1) Exit SRS app (X only minimizes. Right-Click on SRS icon near the clock)

2) Open Windows Sound

  • Find the DEDICATED sound card you use for the BK2

  • Right-Click -> Configure Speakers

  • Set to 5.1 (try 7.1 if you have issues with 5.1)

  • Click the CENTER Speaker icon (if orange output) or both Front speaker icons (if connected to front or headphone jack). You should hear a melody (not shake) coming out of the BK2.

  • Set all speakers to FULL RANGE

  • Press Next and OK until you close that window

  • Open the PROPERTIES for this sound card

  • Set 48000 Hz Sample Rate Output

  • Set sound card Volume to 80% (as starting point. You can change it later)

3) Open SRS app

4) In the SHAKERS tab

- Select the dedicated sound card you use for the BK2

- Change profile to

"1 speakers" if connected to the Orange output (Sub/Center)

"2 speakers (front/rear)" if connected to the front jack (green) or headphones.

- Press on TEST to feel some shake.



Optional step: Fine tune. Please read the advanced shake tuning article

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