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SRS Motion Intellitune Wizard

Updated: May 26, 2021

Gain time and precision when tuning any racing/driving game / vehicle.

As of v, you can use SRS Intellitune Wizard to get motion tuning suggestions based on your driving style (Max telemetry, effects sliders and smoothing values).

The main purpose of Intellitune is to provide you a balanced tune to your driving style. It might not be the perfect tune and you might want to tweak / fine tune. Intellitune purpose is balancing all the effects so you can feel them in various racing situations during a race.

This artificial intelligence and machine learning feature also takes into consideration pro-tunes and community tunings to find the best suggestion to you. Over time, as we collect community tunings for more platforms, games and vehicules, the suggestions will improve even more. It's a continous improvement tuning engine.

This feature requires premium subscription. More info on premium subscription in the link below.

Here is how to use it:

We reccomend doing the telemetry capture in a track like donington for example...It has up and downs, fast curves, hairpin, S, low and high rumble strips and many other typical racing situations. If you do in flat tracks like silverstone or Sebring, it might be biased.

1) While in game, go to TUNING page and click on Intellitune Wizard button. If button is greyed out is because this functionality is not available for this game (most probably a non-driving game)

2) Click Next to START

3) Go to track, wait for the voice countdown and race 3 minutes as you usually do (try not to go off road or crash).

4) Once SRS tells you that telemetry data has been captured (yes, SRS speaks to you), go back to the wizard, review the suggestions, select your motion preference style (SOFT, MEDIUM, AGGRESSIVE) and click APPLY if you believe suggestions makes sense.

When you click APPLY, it does not save, it just replace the screen values so you can test the suggested values and tweak sliders and other tuning effects to your personal preference as you usually do for tuning.

At the end of the tuning exercise, If you like the results, SAVE for Game or Vehicle. If you prefer your previous tune, just cancel and it will revert to your previous values.

As of version, we have added the ability to change the strength preference of profiles that you run already the intellitune without having to run the wizard again.

Once you find the appropriate strength and fine tune, SAVE.



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