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Ability to "CLIP" bad telemetry

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

As of v, SRS has introduced the ability to clip bad game telemetry that could affect your experience.

Currently, if you set your Max Telemetry to 10 and the game send 1000, we will process the 1000 which could cause a non optimal reaction of your motion platform.

In this version, you have the ability to set a clip_factor for each effect to limit what the game send.

You do that in documents/simracingstudio 2.0/config.ini file.

Close SRS before making changes


if your PITCH max telemetry is 5, using a clip factor of 3 (as per picture below), any value the game send over 15 (3x5) will be clipped at 5. So if the game send 1000, we will process as 15 not 1000.

Defaults factors are 1000...which menas, not affecting your tune. My personal defaults are below.



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