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Sim Racing Studio team is growing

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Sim Racing Studio is glad to announce that Jeff Weaver is now officially part of our team.

Jeff is joining SRS as Director of Customer Experience.

In his role, Jeff will oversee all customer service requests to provide a 5-star experience for SRS software, hardware and more.

Jeff will be centralizing all enhancements requests and providing input to SRS engineering team on bugs and new features that need to be implemented ASAP.

He will also lead the VIP team and provide technical advice for complex support cases.

Jeff brings his 12 years with Amazon as a Sr Program Manager within Customer Service to help develop the future of customer excellence for SRS.

Please welcome Jeff Weaver to the SRS team!

PS. Jeff is also the owner of Sim Motion Tuning YouTube Channel and many guides, tutorials and tunes in SRS tuning forum



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