*** Free when purchased in conjuction with SRS Shaking hardware. ***


Feel the Gforces from car, planes and other vehicles.


SRS supports YawVR motion platforms with the following effects:


  1. Pitch
  2. Roll
  3. Yaw
  4. Sway (Lateral G)
  5. Surge (Longitudinal G)
  6. Heave (Vertical G)
  7. Traction Loss


and those specific YawVR functionalities:

  1. Vibration
  2. LEDs (will be supported in Q4 2020)


Easy to setup, easy to tune, just plug and race/fly


SRS has motion specific features like crash control, boost and smoothing to fine-tune what you feel. 


It auto recognizes the game and loads your profile every time.


For many games, you can save a profile for individual vehicles and it will remember next time you join


Shakers Free trial works for 3 minutes per session and stops shaking automatically. Unlimited number of sessions. so try it as much as you want. 


SRS bass shaking software already optimized your immersion for the following telemetries.


  1. Engine rumble
  2. Gear change
  3. Road Texture / Heave
  4. Suspension movement (Independent 4-way)
  5. Impact
  6. Acceleration / Surge
  7. Deceleration / Surge
  8. G Forces (Sway)
  9. Traction Loss


SRS License for Bass Shaker and YawVR Motion Platform


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