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GAME SETUP is now easier than ever

Updated: May 23, 2020

SRS mission is to make you spend as little time configuring the App and more time having fun racing, flying and battling.

We know that some games are very cumbersome to configure and get going. It might requires DLL to be downloaded and/or XML files to be edited...Ouch

Hence, we decided to simplify as much as we can the process of configuring games.

Starting from v41, you will have a GAME tab that will

1) recognize if the game is INSTALLED or not in your PC

2) let you know if a game is READY-to-PLAY.

3) if not, for most of the games that require DLL files and or updating XML files, we will do it for you with a simply click on the CONFIG button.

4) Some games might require small changes in the game that we can't automate so we will provide easy INSTRUCTIONS on how to do it

5) If a game stop working, it might require an UPDATE. Just click on the UPDATE button and try again.

We hope this new feature will make your life much easier so you spend more time playing than configuring.

If something not working as expected, just open a support call and we will take a look very quickly.



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