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Share your tuning profiles

As our community grows, we gain additional input on how we can improve our software for the best possible experience.

Many of our default profiles have been tuned and continue to be tuned by pilots and professional racers as well by some hard core users. Our goal is to make the out-of-the-box default profiles ready to be used.

But as you know, different hardware and personal preferences makes it almost impossible to create the perfect default profile for everyone.

As you saw in previous blogs, tuning SRS to your test is not that complicated.

In the future, we will allow users to easily share profiles with less than 3 clicks.

While we are not there, we have added a private session on our website where you can share your profile in a forum style post.

If you are a tuner, professional pilot or driver and want to contribute your experience to all our users, we encourage you to write a forum post here

Thanks in advance for all your contribution



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