Motion too weak? too strong?

Updated: May 23

If you feel the DOFReality motion is too weak or too strong, you can update the sliders on the MOTION tab.

If you feel that even after putting sliders at max (20), it continues to be too weak, do the following (as of v44):

1. Click on the effect label you want to change the sliders range (i.e. pitch -> see picture below).

2. Decrease the number you see in the max telemetry box. Press OK.

3. Go to game and find the new slider value that works better for you.

Repeat steps 1-2-3 if you feel still too weak.

4. When done just SAVE for GAME or VEHICLE.

If you feel the slider is too strong (every small change in the slider will affect the effect too much and you want each slider position to impact less the effect, do the reverse, increase the value on max telemetry box. OK. SAVE.

If you are using v43 or earlier, you can also do the same by following the instructions in this article: Advanced and Hidden Features


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