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VIP Services and Support

Due to the high demand, SRS is introducing VIP services to the community.

VIP services offer the convenience of a specially trained SRS agent that will connect remotely to your PC (and video/voice conference if needed).

They will help you with Installation, configuration, license activation, game setup, SRS navigation, firewall unblocking, tuning or troubleshooting SRS software or hardware.

They can also help you with any other non SRS software and hardware as they are experienced with many of those.

VIP team speaks English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese

To book your appointment, click here


If you are just looking to regular support, the following services are available free of charge:

  1. FAQ - Setup guides and troubleshooting articles. You can also open a ticket from this page and an agent will respond very quickly 7 days a week.

  2. Blog - Tips and tricks on SRS app and hardware.

  3. Tuning forum - Guides and tuning examples from the Pros.

  4. Multiple Social Media and apps - Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Discord.

We are very happy to provide you a 5 star customer experience.

Thanks all for your support

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